Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Crystal Jaguar


Hi guys, it's me once again for another Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge, and this time, it is really a challenge for me since the card to be featured is not something that I use regularly --- Crystal Jaguar.

The Card

Crystal Jaguar is a common life splinter card from the Untamed Edition. It is also included in the Summoner's Spellbook making it easy for newer players to try the card without buying them separately in the Card Marketplace.

Pros and Cons

To be perfectly honest, I rarely use Crystal Jaguar in my battles. While I consider it's advanced ability to be useful in conjunction with other Life Splinters, my Crystal card are just on Level 1, and it has never been easy to use with limited ability at that level.

However, in the advance level, with Thorns ability at level 4 and Retaliate ability at Level 9, it can become a good addition to a Life splinter team, especially with on rulesets that allow Melee monsters to attack in any position like Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak, and Equal Opportunity rulesets.

Its low mana cost though makes it also useful in the Little League ruleset. However, in my personal preference, I rarely use the Life splinter in this particular ruleset.

General Strategy

My plan in integrating Crystal Jaguar in my Life splinter team is to make it the Tank monster. I don't wanna play longer time and wait for the rulesets that will allow it to attack at the back. With it being the Tank monster, I see to it it will have the necessary support of the back monsters that can make the team win, as I know Crystal Jaguar, at Level 1, won't really last long in the game.

The Match


The Lineup

Summoner - Tyrus Paladium

  • Slot 1 - Crystal Jaguar
  • Slot 2 - Truthspeaker
  • Slot 3 - Bila the Radiant
  • Slot 4 - Divine Healer
  • Slot 5 - Armorsmith
  • Slot 6 - Evangelist

The ruleset for this battle is the STANDARD ruleset, so I don't need to worry about extra considerations when choosing my monsters. Like what I mentioned previously, I am using Crystal Jaguar as my Tank monster, hence, it needs all the support from the back monster especially that Crystal does not have extra abilities in Level 1.

The previous teams used by my opponent are mostly the Fire Splinter, so I think it he/she will still use the same, I can have a good chance of winning. Even with another Life splinter, my chances are still the same. I only hope that he/she avoids using the Water splinter as my defense for my monsters is the shield and it will be useless for all the Magic attacks from most Water monsters.

I used Tyrus Paladium for my summoner to get a +1 shield across all my monsters. To further beef up the defense, I summoned Truthspeaker for another +2 shield. Then I place Bila the Radiant next. I usually place this card either on the third or fourth slot so it can avoid being attacked by Sneak monsters. As such, it can attack first for several rounds (without being attacked back) and pump up its health. Its magic attack too makes it a good offense against monsters with shield too. Then I place Divine Healer and Armorsmith, the combo of restoring health and shield respectively. Then I place Evangelist at the end. That +3 Ranged attack and the Snare ability make it a good attack monster too.

When the two teams appear, I was surprised to see that the opposing team was also a Life splinter. I actually don't have an idea who will win, but I expect that the Shieldbearer from the other will make it harder as my monsters can't attack those at the back, until the Shieldbearer is gone. Good thing, my team was able to survive and win the game, and Bila the Radiant was the last card standing.

Watch The Battle

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment and leave your feedback.

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