Got 6 Gold-foil Cards in End Season Rewards

Splinterlands one of the best and most addictive card battle game on Hive blockchain and players also get some NFT assets. Splinterlands these days airdropping new soul-bound cards as new reward cards through daily battle chests. If you are a regular player of Splinterlands then you can win multiple cards in one chest and today is a lucky day for me. As I get some rare cards and also got few gold foil cards in these reward chests. So every end season players can get many reward cards of different rarities. If players are playing in higher league then they maybe win some good number of cards in these prize chests. I am playing in gold league 1 and this season I got 47 loot chests and hope to get some exciting prizes in it.


My today's Quest Reward cards are ...

In these 47 loot chests I got total 35 cards. In these rewards, I got 6 common Gold foil cards, 7 Rare cards and 22 common cards. In my end season reward loot chests, I got 3 copies of Eternan Brune, Rare Fire Summoner. I also got 8.326 SPS Token, 54 legendary & 45 gold potions. I also got 190 merits and 2 Chaos Legion Pack. This season my rewards chests total value is 10.798$.


Imperial Knight

I am lucky that I got 6 Gold foil copies of Imperial Knight Common Life Unit. So I combine these cards and unlock extra heal ability. so this card has 8 health, 3 malee attack, 6 shields with void armor and heal ability.


Dumacke Orc

I also got Gold foil copy of Dumacke Orc Common Neutral Unit. After combining these cards I unlock retaliate extra ability. So, I got 1 health, 5 shields and 3 malee attack.


Eternan Brune

I am lucky that I got my missing soul-bound fire Summoner in today loot chest. I got 3 copies of Eternan Brune Rare Fire Summoner. This card give reduce 2 armors from enemy monsters and allow friendly team to use one extra gladiator card.



I open 2 chaos legion packs and got some amazing cards. In these packs I got gold foil "Obsidian" Rare Earth Summoner, 2 Epic cards, 3 Rare cards and 4 common cards. Overall chaos legion pack cards value is 14.03$.



I am lucky that I got gold foil Obsidian Rare Earth Summoner card in reward chest. This card's market value is around 12$ and I need this summoner to build my gold card deck. This card increase 1 magic attack to all friendly monsters.


Magi Necrosi

I also got Magi Necrosi Epic Death Unit with snipe / camouflage ability. This card is very helpful in all mana fights and best choice for last position as because of camouflage enemy could not attack this card. This card cost 6 mana, 4 health and 2 magic attack.


Wave Brood

I also got Wave Brood Epic Water Unit card in reward chest. This card is very helpful in all mana fights and has 13 health 1 ranged attack with taunt and close range ability.



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