Baseball Card Grading in 2022



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Over the last five or six years I have found myself occasionally picking up a pack of baseball cards here or there.

It started in a Walgreen's, if I remember correctly, when an image of the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig caught my eye as I walked through the toy aisle.

It is a fun, occasional hobby.
I enjoy watching baseball.
It's pretty much the only sport I currently follow.
Good memories from childhood.
All that.

As a youngster, I was pretty pure with my collection by default--I mostly bought unopened packs at the grocery store, kept my favorite cards, and traded the rest with friends.

From time to time I would get through a hobby shop or more rarely a card show, at which point I could hand pick a specific addition to my little collection.

Once I even ordered an autographed card from a Nabisco cereal box (or boxes).


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Only in the last year or so, as the card game has ramped in energy and prices, have I ever really considered getting a card graded.

As I look into it, it seems like something I may just experiment with for a few cards in my collection.

The idea of profiting off of the time, grading charges, and effort of selling old cards might only be worth it for a few outliers, if any cards at all... speaking to my situation and collection at this time.

I will continue to look into it though, over the next year or so. I'm not really rushing either direction.

It would be neat to have one or two of my favorite Mattingly's, Jim Abbott's, Griffey Jr's, and Jeter's in a graded slab.

Remember Jim Abbott? Heck of a pitcher.

The Big Three Seem to Be

⚾ PSA -
⚾ SGC -
⚾ Beckett -

Note for Beckett Magazine fans:
This article pointed me to this note from Beckett's “How to Use and Condition Guide”:

“The LO and HI columns reflect current retail selling ranges. The HI column generally represents full retail selling price. The LO column generally represents the lowest price one could expect to find with extensive shopping.”

Be well.
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