MLB 2021 - The Final Week



And here we are perhaps one game from the end of MLB 2021.

I'm still thankful we had a full length season after last year.

At this point, I hope the Braves take it tomorrow.
They lead the Astros 3-1 in the Series.
I assume most average baseball fans would feel the same way with so many of the 2017 cheating scandal faces still playing for Houston.

The Braves maybe deserve it. They've been pitching and hitting well. They've been hard to slow down. They kind of remind me of the Nationals a few years ago when they won the World Series.

The Dodgers made another great run but ultimately fell with a streaky offense and a whole lot of late season/postseason injuries: Muncy, Justin Turner, Kershaw, and on.

The Red Sox made a great run.
It was great to finally see Kiké Hernandez get a chance to play every day... and he crrrushed in the postseason with a .408 avg and 5 HRs in 49 ABs. (I personally hope to one day see him playing for Don Mattingly again, be that in Miami or elsewhere.)

The Rays showed up again, winning the AL East. The Yankees snagged a Wild Card spot. White Sox took a shot and so did the Cards.

San Fran had one of the most impressive and surprising runs of the year, including winning an NL West pennant.

The off-season is already on my mind.

I am very excited for where the Yankees and Dodgers go next, but I am even more interested to watch this next season of the Marlins' reconstruction.

It will be Mattingly's last guaranteed year as manager there. Who knows if they all re-up after. They just extended SS Miguel Rojas, who is the unofficial team captain, a hard hard worker, great glove, and pretty good bat. I hope they make a push for some legitimate hitting to compliment their insanely talented young rotation. Alcantara threw 205 innings with 201 Ks this year.

Many decisions will be made for all three of the teams I root for. Could Rizzo stay in NY for the long haul? Could Seager and Kershaw be playing for someone other than the Dodgers? We shall see.

Regardless, cheers to 2021 MLB, and once it officially wraps, cheers to 2022 MLB.

Be well.
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