Oh goodness gracious! 6kg overweight!


I must admit, stress eating isn’t good, especially when there has been so much festive celebrations happening from Chinese New Year to Eid Murbarak.

Facing the real music that I have slacked quite a bit during these few months as I have unconsciously turned to Stress Eating is really a humble pie to swallow.

Good thing is that it isn’t really a disorder yet, yet 6kg overweight isn’t any better when age is catching up.

How did all this happen??

It hasn’t been easy as we were dealing a few funerals from friends and extended family members; hoarding free meals blessed in the office made it worse, and I play the “blame game” solely because I know for the fact it is all about how I handle my stress, particularly finances, and I didn’t handle it well.

That being said, all is not lost as I still managed to squeeze a little bit of midnight exercises on and off whenever laziness is being hackled with a “no, this cannot continue” sentence in the mind; though not a constant victorious mind battle, it is still better than total loss.

Anxiety and Depression serious and real.

Once it manages to leech unto your mind once*, there’s always a crack of open door for it to occur again no matter how many times you defeated anxiety and depression, until the crack becomes a well-sealed and healed scar.

However – often times people of my faith, are put on the pedestal by the eyes of the world more frequently than others (partly by ourselves), expecting that “we” of “all people”, should handle stress way better than others “because of Jesus”, yet truth is written that due to the fact that the “flesh” – mainly our own pride, still dominates many times in our head, especially with bad diet making things worse (scientifically proven – read this!), our mind easily opened to more “voices” (demonic oppressions, yes many cases is real) and the cycle of destruction never ends.

Can this battle be won?

Yes of course! No matter how many times I trip and fall battling back this rocky journey, the most important is to never give up.

Forget about other people (especially Asians) who would just LOVE to discourage you after seeing many failed attempts, calling you “useless”. (Idle minds, devil’s playground) Nay-sayers will always be there and they will always like to see others fall flat worse than them; so don’t even give a thought or a sec of our time. They are not worth it.
(Thanks to @aikido.hung for smacking some senses to my thoughts in this issue!)

For me now, most important is that I need to be accountable to myself.

I am my worst critic; but if dealt properly (with the right mindset and attitude), it pushes me forward instead of pulling me back.

What are my counter-attacks?

Judging from the readings I have, even though my muscle weight has been increasing, I realized that recently I have taken a lot more snacks and food with hidden sugar. Simple things I must re-tackle would be:

  1. Cut out processed sugar AGAIN.
  2. Forcefully snack only raw nuts, seeds, natural fruits and veges whenever I feel peckish.
  3. No matter how inconvenient it is, achieve minimum targeted muscle-building-fat-burning daily exercise.
  4. Water. Lots of water.
  5. Sleep
    I have also realized that the reason I have ended up snacking more was because of the lack of sleep. When the body isn’t sleeping enough, a wrong “starving” statement in the mind sends out and the whole body craves food instead of going through the healthier channel – workout.

Lavender Spa shower I recently acquired

Workout will definitely wear out my body; and with the lavender shower filter I got recently, it is helping me to sleep slightly easier with additional aid of 8 hour Healing scriptures played in the background.

Jumping around with the kiddos

Moreover, it helps me to be able to keep up with the young people’s energy during Sunday duties as well, haha...

I just need to make sure I am keeping consistent until I lose all the 6kg… 😅
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Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear for the "gain", I will remember you in my prayer. Please don't use the phrase of age is catching up, since we're similar age 😅

The good part being, you are consciously informed of the eating disorder already despite you so not admit it 🤣 everytime when I do that, wanting to go opposite way, cut out processed food, I did lose some weight and soon gain it all back. I guess I found the holy grail this time, slowly reduce the amount, find the replacement food with low calories and dense food group to feed myself. That way I can keep my mouth full and still enjoy the good food.


Ah ha ha ha ! Well at least you found the Holy Grail and able to stick to it! 🤣

With seniors at home who doesn't listen to "no need to cook my lunch" , it is a constant battle. 🙃

Good thing I am taking the opportunity of Pentecostal Sunday prayer and fasting week and letting my seniors know to opt out my meal portion so that I can restrict my intake to the "right kind of food" 😆


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So you are putting on weight now, eh? 😏
I am not seeing any major difference of you anyways.

I will show you what really FAT is next time. 😏

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