Entry 2 on Henthusiast, Let's Raid Terracore #5!

What's up Henthusiasts! πŸ€—

Another week of Raiding is HERE!!! *βš”οΈπŸ’£ Henthusiasts, Let's Raid Terracore! #5 πŸ’£βš”οΈ - TERRA-rist's FIREPOWER!.


Everyone is encouraged to join, check out this post for more info about the activity. πŸ‘‡


Let's take a look first on my stats:


My Current Goal:

  • Stash Size and Favor = 2500
  • Engineering = 25
  • Damage and Defense = 300

I have completed and reached my goal in Stash Size and Favor. I still got 3 more levels to go the Engineering, Damage, and Defense. Hopefully, I would actually reach it before this activity ends. Wish me luck guys!😎

Now, for the main event.


This attack serves as my second entry to the Guild's Terracore Raid Activity and I successfully stolen juicy $SCRAP from @toqs1986-e, @toqs1986-d, @mondroid, @loganhate, @eddie.core, @mighty-thor, @unschool, and @ray5fan. 😁

Feel free to join in this activity guys, and hit me back if you want. 😁 And for today's raid, I got a total of 402.71 roll. At least higher than my last attack.

You can verify these data using this link:

I am also inviting you guys to Join Henthusiast Haven Guild NOW! Be a Member and Be a Henthusiast! πŸ’™

For more information on how to register, here is the link of the post: https://peakd.com/hive-186610/@hhguild/guild-member-registration-is-now-open-join-henthusiast-haven-guild-now-be-a-member-and-be-a-henthusiast
Thank you for reading and hoping to see you joining on Henthusiasts, Let's Raid Terracore! #5 πŸ€—πŸ”₯