Dida: And The Best Facts About Him


Nelson de Jesus Silva, better known in the football world as Dida, a former Brazilian goalkeeper. He started his senior club career in Brazil with Vitoria in the early 1990s. He became a penalty saving specialist while playing for Cruzeiro and the Corinthians.

Dida was one of the best goalkeepers in Brazilian football history, having won the World Cup for the Brazilian national team. He was best known and talked about for all his great saves on penalties and many times it seemed that nothing could escape his hands. He won the Confederations Cup other than the World Cup and the 1999 Copa America, 1997 and 2005. Not only the national team but his name is also in the Hall of Fame of the history of AC Milan. Milan has won two Champions Leagues.

If we look for the name of the best goalkeeper in the history of Brazil in the top list, Dida's name will naturally come in the top rank. Because we know he was the best performer in both club and country. When we look at his playing career and look at his highlighted video footages, we see that Dida was one of the greatest goalkeepers in history. He was tall in height, but he also performed well near to the ground and could save well. His hand was always looking for the ball to save the team from disaster. The moment when all the players got frustrated while playing, he revived the team with his brilliance, which is easier said than done.

The goalkeeper role is an important position in football. Everyone hopes that he will not miss a single goal, if he does not make a mistake. Now consider with your healthy brain what Dida has done in his career that has made him one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The thing that made Dida work the most was that Dida didn't care who his opponent was and what his performance was in the match. He always tried his best to improve his standards and try to improve, and this can be seen in most of the Brazilian players.

The way he saved penalties you can't ignore as a perfect goalkeeper. One of the best kept tip of him is he would move towards the ball before the penalty kick, so controlling the ball was his strongest point. The move is considered a flaw in current football law and keepers aren't allowed to move forward of the line. Penalties became very common for him and any striker or midfielder or defender who came in front of him and tried to take a penalty would start to fear him. He could dare to stand in the middle of the goal without jumping and when he jumped he could do his job easily. It's really an act of adventure. His body reflexes were excellent, and for the most part, he floated his body in the air, avoiding the dangers and preventing goals.

Dida spent a rich and often tumultuous ten years with Milan from 2000 to 2010. In Milan he established himself as one of the world's top keepers and won several awards and personal awards with the club, but was also known for his mistakes. The trend is as great as his subtle gameplay, with great prowess when he gained press focus in 2005 for calling a strike after being burned a bit in the famous Derby Della Madoninna against Internazionale.

Dida won a Scudetto and two UEFA Champions League titles for Milan, in the early stages of which he saved three penalties in his last match of 2003 against Juventus. Dida is one of Milan's four goalkeepers, having played in 300 matches for Milan. Legend Dida is said to be underrated by many because his performance was not highlighted too much.