Good day easily complete daily quest battling......

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** Good evening how are you all i hope you are all very good i am very good in your prayers i have come among you today with a beautiful splinterlands bottling post like every day today ...**

  • I hope you like it today I completed my daily competition today and finally I will show you what I got rewarded at the end of my post that you should see my whole post for what I got today as my reward card and my post Inside today I will share a short batting video that you think will make the battling video better ...*


So friends, as always, I was given some rules today, what kind of card should I use to complete my daily competition, so I was given rules today, the rules given yesterday was that I have to win five battles using #Sneak ablity card.

You know that I always play water splinter well for which I have a lot of advantages. It didn't take me long to complete today's competition. I played a few battles and after playing a few battles I reached my destination very easily.

I am sharing a short battling video with you, I hope you will watch the battling video ....

  • And in front of you I am sharing some of my battling links where if you click you can easily see the patels that I have played, what cards I have used in my battling ....*

The battling video that I shared with you in this video I first used the mele card then my sneak ability card then I used auto healing card then I used my magic attack card and also I used a legendary card .. .

If you like my whole game then be sure to leave your feedback and of course you can join my referrals if you are new and if you have any questions you can ask me and if you don't understand this game you can follow you on youtube You will get a lot of videos and watching those videos will give you some idea of ​​how you will play the #splinterlands game ....

Several screenshots: I am sharing with you, I hope you will see ...


Today rewards card...




some battling link 👇👇👇👇👇

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