Social media challenge:- Daily Quest Battling using snipe card.. splinterlands .....

Hello splinter lovers..


*Good evening friends how are you all I hope you all got along very well today with a slightly different kind of gaming post so i always post blogs among you and share screenshots of my gaming at different times so today i thought a video among you,

today I really like to make videos, so today I am trying to share with you some of the battles I recorded in the video, and of course with the video I have shared with you some things about the whole battling ....**

  • As always today I actually went to complete my daily competition so I thought I would share the video with you today so I thought I recorded three battles today and the disease that I had today and I easily had my five today. I won the battle very easily.

  • I always like the #splinterlands gaming site a lot because I wasted my time here, but I get a line to make some income from here, so most of the time I try to play the game when I have free time. .


The #rules I had today was that I had to win five battles using the #snipe card so it was a lot of fun for me because I was able to play on my favorite #splinter water splinter so easily I finished today's competition I shared through, the rest depends on you how you like it.

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Everyone will be fine and healthy

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