Sunsetphotography awesome views of sky

Good afternoon friends, how are you all, I hope you are all very well and sick. Like every day, today I am sharing with you some scenes of this beautiful sky and this sun in our sky in the form of pictures.


Of course, I am not a professional photographer and I don't have any camera, I just took pictures with my mobile and yes I did light thin editing through an app.


I think you like it a lot. You see a lot of pictures on many rivers or by the sea, but I'm not on the river or on the sea. I work on a building site in Malaysia for which I can't really show you any views. I try to take pictures as much as I can when I have time for work.


So today I tried to give you some joy even if it is small and of course you will like how the pictures are like this fall afternoon.


If you like it, you must give your opinion and you must like my photography post. Thank you all.

All pictures takenby my handphone
Devicevivo s1 pro
Camera48 mp back
Categorysunset photography
Editionsnapseed apps

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