First night run this season - Easy 6k


I just finished a 6.032km running that lasted about 0hh:28mm:50ss !


Even with my disappointing mileage over the last few months, there were still several close calls where I finished my runs in darkness. It's always a challenge for me to get started early enough. But with the days getting shorter, it was bound to happen: a full night run! On Monday, as usual, the day passed by me, I realized it was already too late, and there was no need rushing to try running before dark. So I found my night gear (really just my headlamp and visibility vest) and started my run after finishing everything else, long after the sun was gone (don't get fooled by the cover picture, it was snapped during a dog walk at dusk). At least, it was much cooler by then, under 70F (or 21C).

After the failed attempt on Saturday, I thought I would go for a short run, and relatively slow. In the end, it was a bit faster than expected. I still felt heavy, which makes sense, the extra pounds didn't magically disappear, but I felt much better. It never felt as though I needed to stop before passing out! Of course, heart rate quickly shot up above 170 and stayed there, but that's usual for me, I don't think this will change much.

There are other things that never change. Even though I am visible from far with my night gear, some drivers wait for the last moment to swerve and leave me the very minimum safety space. Always scary! I was also surprised by a couple of people walking in silence. I know the neighborhood is usually safe, but it did startle me. Much less scary and very cute: a bunch of deer were resting in a front yard/field along the street. I could see their eyes reflecting my light, and they didn't move at all, just laying down in the grass.

Anyways, the September mileage table is still not looking great, but we'll get there...

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