Sunday Bike Ride


I just finished a 49.961km bike ride that lasted about 2hh:39mm:34ss !


Even though I surprisingly didn't feel really sore after the half marathon, I took it very easy the week after. A mix of crappy rainy weather and strong laziness, and that's already one full week without an activity, except of course all the dog walks. So Sunday afternoon, it was time to take advantage of the sunny and unseasonably warm weather, and go for a bike ride (first one since early September).

First I biked to a friend's house, so he could join for the rest of the ride. I know exactly where he lives, I went there literally hundreds of time, but somehow I managed to end up somewhere I didn't know! Adding miles to the ride already...

We didn't really have a route in mind, so we randomly tried to find local parks and lakes. We also rode through some really rich areas. Big houses, brand new cars (and not the kind of cars I see in my neighborhood...), tennis courts, swimming pools, etc... Not necessarily my kind of places, but it was fun to pass through. Some of the Halloween decorations were also kind of crazy, with giant spiders (I mean really huge, like much bigger than me!), 12foot tall skeletons, and things like that.

After dropping my friend back at his place, I still needed to ride home. I was not really tired, it was more of a leisurely pace, and cycling doesn't tire me like running, but in spite of the chamois, my derriere was starting to remind me that was the first bike ride in a while... So I quickly went home, without much more detours. And I didn't get lost this time!

I don't share altitude profile often, simply because in Michigan, they're painfully flat most of the time. But for once it looked pretty nice. Of course, the scale is not that high, but it looks like we actually climbed a mountain. The Strava profile makes it look even more dramatic, like it was a huge peak...


Totals for October aren't looking great yet, but at least better than the past few months:

SportsTotal (miles)Total (km)