SplinterZine – #23 – November 02th – 2021


Welcome Splinter maniacs!

It's always good to know the history of a game when you enter.

But it's also nice to know about the lives and ideas of big names that are part of this game.


I recently had the pleasure of participating in an interview by @azircon, and describing a little bit of my history, and also sharing my experience since I started at Splinterlands.

See this interview:

Star Players of Splinterlands: marianaemilia


@platypus-dundee is now starting a series of interviews that will showcase some of the members of the Splinterlands community, to let us know a little more about their involvement with the Splinter world.

And the first interview is with @aggroed one of the founders and CEO of the Splinterlands game.

Who's Who In The Zoo - Ep.1 - With Aggroed


Who has never faced a Scarred Llama Mage or Mylor Crowling Summoner and only hoped to be defeated because they already knew the end of the story?

So you go to the market thinking about buying and see the current prices that are listed jump. Even the rent, which in the last days of the season is unfeasible to hire.

But there's always a way to have a set of cards that can do battle with these fearsome summoners.

And @angelrey1990 made a Tutorial, of monsters in the earth element that can serve as a substitute and still go head-to-head with anyone, at an affordable price.

Splinterlands Beginners Tutorial | Having a Hard Time Renting for an Expensive Gold Foil Mylor Crowling Summoner or Scarred Llama Mage? Then Check Out this Summoner Lyanna Natura Guide.


All new Splinterlands players know how difficult it is to climb the leaderboards.

Competitiveness is very high, as the number of users only increases day by day.

In a realistic view, just with the Spellbook cards, it would hardly be able to succeed even in the lowest league, the Bronze.

Given this difficulty @cryptoph0823 tries to approach the strategy that makes for a financially advantageous way, to be able to rent cards at a lower cost and still reach the desired league that would be Silver.

Bronze Level Renting Guide for the Budget Conscious


Splinterlands has become one of the most sought-after collectible card games in the PlayToEarn scene.

If you look at its entire history, can you crown yourself as King of this sector in the middle of Blockchain?

Yes! And that's what @laritheghost shows us in his post, the reasons he can see this.

Why Splinterlands is the King of Trading Card Play-to-Earn Game


Many don't even know the story behind SPS - Splintershards.

We know that SPS is the Splinterlands governance token, and today it is traded and earned in the airdrop.

But it won't stop being important even when the pre-sale of the new CHAOS LEGION collection pack ends.

Like all governance tokens, it will continue to play a fundamental and beneficial role for its holders.

See @caaio's post showing a little more about the history of SPS and its features.

Como obter SPS! O token de governança de Splinterlands


Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the showcase! Super excited where this series can lead, I've got a few more lined up, so getting some exposure is most appreciated 😍


Awesome! Thank you so much for featuring me in your article and sharing my post. Cheers!


Upvoted! Thanks for your support Mary on many of my posts. I try not to miss one of yours. I multitask a lot :)


Great interview; it's very nice to see the brazilian community on Splinterlands growing!