SplinterZine – #24 – November 06th – 2021

Welcome to another Splinter Zine!


The Pre Sale of CHAOS LEGION Packs ends on November 24th, and together with the opportunity to buy at a discount.

But for those looking to buy small amounts, it may not be an advantage, as there is little chance of winning cards in the air drop.

Thinking about it @marcuswahl brings a great opportunity for you who are thinking of getting more discounts than the game is offering, as it is organizing purchases with larger quantities, thus lowering the cost of the pack.

In the post, he mentions everything he needs to know and leaves his contact details to send a message and clear up all your doubts.

Chaos Legion Presale 20% Discount for Everyone Celebration! Join Us


Having security in the world of technology is essential.

If you play Splinterlands you may have seen many cases of theft or loss of accounts, and most of the time it was the owner's carelessness or lack of knowledge.

That's why I highlight once again a Post necessary for everyone to improve their knowledge of security.

@mawit07 brings us the tool that makes you keep your cards safer, preventing possible hacker attacks. And even shows a tutorial on how to do it.

Splinterlands - Securing Your Cards From Hackers


Most players in the Splinterlands universe today regret not having known the game before, or not believe it when they first heard of a game that you won by playing and invested more time in it.

And the first story we'll see today is from @samsmith1971 who tells us about his first steps to get into this amazing game that is Splinterlands.

Flying by the seat of my pants in Splinterlands :-)


Along the same path of stories about starting to play Splinterlands, we have @bernardinetti's.

A recent player who joined Splinterlands 2 months ago, and is being challenged every day, with this difficult price moment and increased competitiveness in ranked battles.

See what he tells us, his difficulties, and his expectations for the coming seasons.



And to conclude, I'm highlighting not a story, but a journey in the Splinterlands world.

Get a glimpse into the life of @libertcrypto27 from his subscription 24 months ago to today at Splinterlands.

He speaks in his post his financial report and lots of advice for new players who have met, is playing, and creating content.

This is an inspiration to everyone who likes PlayToEarn games, as it describes how a blockchain game must remain consolidated, retaining players and game lovers, and always evolving.

24 months on Splinterlands: My Financial Report + Advices for New Players


Thanks for reading and until the next edition!

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All images from original posts and @splinterlands. Cover image design by @carlosro



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