SplinterZine – #26 – November 12th – 2021


Welcome to a new Splintrer Zine!

We always have to analyze the best way to bet and invest our money.

Splinterlands is going through a phase that many are unsure of what to do with their digital assets.

That's why it's always best to read, analyze and understand your next step.


With this Pre Sale and Voucher earnings, many questions arise and several options exist for you to choose from, and this final decision has to be personal to each one.

Buying or Selling Vouchers, Buying Packs at the SHOP or Parallel Markets, waiting for the price to increase or decrease to execute an action, among other options, are everyone's doubts.

And it will always be your responsibility which way to go.

@belemo tells us what he has done and is doing to accumulate more packs and you can see if it is an advantage or a disadvantage, as there are many Pos and Cons even questioned in the comments of the publication.

It's a discussion that doesn't exist right or wrong because it is equivalent to the profile of each player and investor.

In the same post, he informs us that he was a victim of a hack, and seeing in his post before this one in his profile was the details of the unfortunate case.

And I don't stop showing solidarity and that I have the strength to start over.

In this digital world, we have to make sure where we are stepping, or better by clicking so that we don't compromise what we've achieved for years.

How to buy 2 chaos legion packs with one voucher, Cub farming and the road to recovery


Anyone in the Splinterlands universe knows the famous @clove71, an influencer engaged in the game since its inception, making it seen on many channels that didn't even know what Blockchain Games or PlayToEarn was.

A beautiful story and many achievements, and next Saturday she will be celebrating another one, which was becoming a Twitch Partner! Congratulations!

@clove71 invites everyone to join in this celebration and, as usual in their broadcasts, give away lots of prizes!

Come on, follow this party and still be able to win some prizes!

Twitch Partner Celebration with clove71!


Splinterlands is a game different from many or almost all existing ones.

It provides us with various ways to win, and not limited to a fixed way.

Sometimes we even forget to mention the perks list for new players.

So @ultm8x gives us the list of all ways to win and helps new players identify them in the game.



It's cool to see new players every day on Splinterlands.

This is a sign that the game is increasingly popular and captivating members who had never heard that they could one day win just by playing.

The blog has also been more visited and chosen by many current and future content creators.

One of them is @james100, who recently joined the game and has already introduced us to a little bit of himself and his entry into the game.


My introduction to Hive


I come to highlight another digital artwork, and today created by @japex1226.

In addition to being a beautiful artwork, it presents us with a card character design.

Besides telling us his inspiration is, he presents us with a story of this fearsome Mage Squirrel-L.

Also detailing the evolution made from the base of the drawing to its final art. It is worth checking.

Good luck with the Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 // Wizard Squirrel-L Card Character Design


Thanks for reading.

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Hey Maria, you a are doing a lovely work with such interesting content. Love that wizard Squirrel, it remembers me my Squirrel green deck in Magic the Gathering. Take care from Barcelona!


Double-attack magic, very interesting! @japex1226
Delwyn is very interested in this haha.

Ty for sharing these ideas :)

Source: Monstermarket


Lol we have common idea! also Archmage Arius would love to have this in his team. Double Strike Skill coz both squirrel and the wisp do magic attack according to the story, well it fits. Thank you very much dude!


Wohoooo!!! Thank you very much for featuring my artwork madam! It is greatly an honor. I hope you enjoy the process in creating the character.