SplinterZine – #33 – December 8th – 2021

Welcome to your Splinterlands Magazine!


There are several ways to analyze your Splinterlands game digital assets.

One of these ways is using tools that can inform everything we have.

The Baron's Toolbox Site is very complete, in addition to helping you organize your account, you can monitor and analyze the performance of other players.

@doctorcrypto talks in its post about details about this tool.

Baron's Toolbox: A New way to manage Cards and Guilds


We are closer to the expected launch of the new CHAOS LEGION collection.

With her, we know that a lot will change.

And a significant change will be the cards that come in the summoner's spellbook.

Yes those NonNFT, which we earn and we can use them
It was currently from the most recent previous collection and will be changed to new cards.

This is what @mawit07 informs us, talking a little about this change.

Splinterlands - Summoner's Spell Book Adjustments?


It's time to open the CHAOS LEGION PACKS!

And anxiety is increasing in every player at every moment.

But @mchero asks us a question about it. Is it better to open or not open PACKS?

Each must follow their analysis and make their decision, but he comments on his opinion and arguments.

In which cases is it better to open Chaos packages?


When the value of SPS and DEC falls, many players or investors are scared if Splinterlands manages to sustain this market or loses credibility becoming yet another game with no future.

We know Splinterlands has been in the BlockchainGames world for years, unlike games that come and go even with their players' digital assets.

@belemo describes how much Splinterlands has to grow and the level we are currently at, reflecting what we can still expect in its future.

One more reason to be bullish about Splinterlands


Many players have learned from the rise of the Splinterlands game this year that most of the time selling your cards, lands, totems is not so profitable in the long run.

With the limitation of the game's NFTs, and more and more players joining, it's more likely that your digital assets will appreciate.

So @mistakili shares his experience on this subject, and how he is thinking about future mechanics in the game.

Locked and loaded for the next phase of Splinterlands- Chaos Legion


Thanks for reading!

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LOL if I don't read your magazine, I don't find out that there might be changes in the spell book.


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I profit from the low value of the tokens to collect more DEC and invest in more assets.