SplinterZine – #45 – January 31th – 2022

Welcome Splinter fans!


Splinterlands is a game that has been on the market for years and getting stronger.

In the last year, we have seen the NFT game market explode and hundreds of new games appear, but today few are still active or with a healthy economy.

With this drop in the entire crypto market, many games will disappear, as most don't think about their long-term economy.

Unlike Splinterlands which shows itself despite the downturn, holding steady and desirable for investors and players looking for a serious game.

See a series that @bteim is sharing where he talks about economic concepts that apply to Splinterlands.

How Long Will Prices Stay Low?


For new people to get to know Splinterlands, we must always share its concept and gameplay, so that new potential players can know in detail what it's like to join this fantastic blockchain game.

This makes the whole community win, with a new player and future content creator, thus reaching more and more users.

What did @codingdefined bring in a simple way a summary of our game Splinterlands.

Splinterlands - The Way Forward as a Player


CHAOS LEGION is active and we see a major game-changer.

With lots of new cards, rules, and powers, this new set is making dynamics more thought out and strategies more studied.

Although this set doesn't add as much POWER as many wanted, it's still very advantageous in the long term, relating to previous sets.

To illustrate the current moment @lordneroo talks a little about it how it's been for him currently and what he thinks of the future.

Chaos Power


For you to start earning digital assets at Splinterlands, you should know about the HIVE wallet.

You earn when you buy your SPELLBOOK, and you must take care and take proper precautions to keep it safe.

That's why @forexbrokr brings you crucial information for you to keep and keep your assets safe in your HIVE wallet.

Hive wallet for Splinterlands? - Simple guide


As usual, sharing a beautiful art made by @artgraf

It portrayed a fearsome battle of CHAOS between GRUM vs QUEEN MYCELIA.

With this art, he is entering this week's Splinterlands Art Contest
Good luck!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 173 // GRUM vs QUEEN MYCELIA


Thanks for reading!

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I like how you talk about splinterlands, in my opinion an incredible game with great economic stability, I hope that this game continues to grow, together with the Hive blockchain.


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