SplinterZine – #52 – March 15th – 2022

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Splinterlands is a very competitive game and encompasses many factors of strategy and attention, and can even be compared to chess.

It is not only in the lower leagues that the competition is fierce, but also many who are in the higher leagues like the Champion League have a hard time keeping up.

We can analyze the experience that @coolguy123 is sharing with us in his post, describing what it was like to return to the champion league this end of the season.

Splinterlands - Back In Champion League After Many Months!!!


Many who come to know Splinterlands are introduced to a revolutionary game that you can earn money playing.

Starting to play, we know that evolution is not easy and requires patience and commitment from the player to adapt to the different scenarios that the game encompasses.

To get more insight into the real data, we can see the shared experiences of our colleagues here on the blog, showing personal analysis and their plans.

As @stewie.wieno did, sharing how he started in the game and his analysis of investment and goals for the future.

Splinterlands: I miei asset di gioco


We can find here on the blog several extremely important content for everyone who plays Splinterlands.

Tutorials, questions, and tips are among the things that help the whole community the most, and it's always good to remember and share, even if every month there's already a topic covered.

But we must remember, that every month many new players enter the Splinterlands universe, and there will always be someone who will benefit from these contents.

A topic that is important and that many have doubts about is the classification of the order of attack in battles.

Who attacks first in the round, as speed is equal among some monsters?

That's what @tt88 covered and summarized.

Chart SIMPLIFIED: Reviewing the Attack ORDER mechanics for new players!


The new edition of cards that was implemented CHAOS LEGION brought us several new abilities, causing many strategies to be rethought and reformulated, or even created.

We can see that many of these new skills are only possible to see in more evolved monsters, even so, we can see their use increasing in most leagues.

@greengineer has been addressing in his posts a specific strategy with skills that complete each other leaving your opponents without reaction in battles.

Battle analysis: Magic Reflect/Return Fire + Amplify is dangerous EN-US/PT-BR


Anyone who plays and knows the entire Splinterlands universe can confirm that it is the best game of all in the PlayToEarn and Blockchain environment.

Years in the market and increasingly consolidating itself as a real and fully sustainable game with its economy.

As a result, our ever-growing community also feels firm in spreading this game to everyone they know without fear.

Because, different from many other games that have already disappeared with many assets and investments from their users, here we can trust!

@hive-world describes some reasons why he also trusts and believes in the sustainability and economy of Splinterlands.

Splinterlands Sustainability


Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the shoutout dear, it was really a hectic season and even though I made it to Champions league, I couldn't stay there until the season ended, but this new high has given me confidence that, I will reaching there again in the upcoming seasons :)

Good day to you and all the readers :)


Whoa, thank you for mention me in your post. I check every month my situation on Spinterlands and i think is a good way to keep ourselves motivate and take track of our route in the game.

Nice post!



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