Union Berlin reached Champions League - Madness at the Alte Försterei

In conclusion, even after a few days of reflection, I am left with only one expression, which probably best summarizes all that has been written and happened.

It has been four years that I was talking about the football team 1. FC Union Berlin the last time. At this time the fans of the East Berlin football club were able to celebrate the first-time promotion to the German Bundesliga, the highest division of German soccer, which was then the biggest milestone ever.

And since then, there's been a lot to celebrate. The first Bundesliga win, maintaining the league, reaching the Conference League and the Euro League, in which they were also able to surprise. And despite all these successes in recent years, achieving a Champions League place was by no means forseeable.

The small soccer club in the eastern outskirts of Berlin has a long history, full of disappointments and setbacks. Forced relegations to lower leagues, sveral missed promotions and even declarations of bankruptcy were the buzzwords thrown around in Berlin Köpenick at the end of the last century.

And for me, it wasn't long ago that Union's fans and players were finally allowed to celebrate promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga, after so many failed attempts. That's exactly where Union wanted to be and to establish itself there.

And the fact that they reached the 1st Bundesliga four years ago was perceived more as an adventure that everyone just wanted to enjoy. And now tafter finishing Bundesliga on position four, the team has really qualified for the highest European division, which features all the big names that you wouldn't dare to mention in connection with Union Berlin.

But since the last Bundesliga match day last weekend saw another victory against the team from Werder Bremen, Union made the qualification for the Champions League perfect and now the joy and party mood of the Unioners was all the greater. Suddenly, we can dream of the really big names: Real Madrid and Barcelona, or maybe an English team?


I am sure that no matter against whom Union will play in the end, they will make the Champions League adventure a celebration. And no matter with what results they go home from there, this adventure will be lived and celebrated.

In any case, the next season will be another highlight in the colorful history of the Berlin football club, regardless of where they stand on the final matchday a year from now.

And if you still don't know which fans will be stirring up the stadiums of Europe next year, it's best to take another look at this video here.

Once again, here's a hint that I left behind some years ago. If you ever hear someone shout " Und niemals vergessen " (And never forget), you should under no circumstances hesitate, but immediately join in with all you power:


In conclusion, even after a few days of reflection, I am left with only one expression, which probably best summarizes all that has been written and happened.



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