The last century against Bangladesh, Shoaib Akhtar's huge wedding in the woods!

Marriage is the union of two hearts, the bond of brotherhood between two families, through which another new life begins. Introduction of marriage in the society Virat Kohli got married to Bollywood star Anushka on December 11, 2017. The headline page in various news languages ​​is that daughter Vamika Kohli was born on January 11 last year in Virat-Anushka's house. Anushka Sharma has always been the talk of Anushka Sharma for almost four years of success in her career. However, there is a reason behind it. Gavaskar's slanting remarks had to be digested by Anushka as if the legendary Shoaib A. Qatar

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According to him, what would he not have done if there was sesame in Kohli's place? No, I'm not saying it's wrong to get married, but he was playing well for India. He could have enjoyed it a little more. Virat, of course, is talking about Shoaib. With ODIs in 2018, he has played a total of 451 international matches, including 320 internationals before Virat Kohli married Anushka. Played 131 matches where he has a total of 18 centuries though batting and has maintained his position almost to the point of almost reaching. I am

They batted 7220. His most century in the Bangladesh series in 2009 and then still waiting for a century like a giant bird. At this time he played the worst of the worst batting average on his own. Shoaib Akhter, the Pakistan speed monster, has taken over

The failure of the last T20 World Cup and the title in the final of the Test Championship can be traced back to the fact that Virat was forced to step down from the captaincy of the national team in just a few months. Going to soothe himself and make up for the longing of two long centuries