Back at training for a wintery session


Annnnnnd we're back at training after our COVID battle and isolation but let's be honest it wasn't much of a battle for the kids which were asymptomatic, I was very fortunate as I know of people who have ended up in hospital or significant complications.


But after the little ones tested negative and after the seven day isolation period we were back to normal life and straight back into training.

Although a bit colder as winter is setting in and a number of kids away due to COVID, the kids that did attend put in a great effort.


Making Training fun

A few of the techniques I've watched the club implement that helps kids develop skills is one in which there is one kid on the ground remaining still and the rest of the kids must control the ball around them.

If someone loses control of the ball and it taps the kid that is still on the ground it is a form of tag and then they must swap positions.

Whereas older kids tend to use training cones and move in and out this method seems to retain the younger kids attention alot more.

Although, I did notice my kid purposely not control the ball and then become the person that had to remain still.


When she came upto the gate, I asked if she was purposely doing it to which she first responded Nooooooo. But then admitted that she had been because she was bored and it was too cold. 🤷

Due to the low turnout of participants because of COVID the club has had to get creative with training and the 4 on 4 that would usually occur couldn't be done.


Due to only 5 players being on ground even 2 v 2 was out of the question and most of the girls team was feeling it.

Coming out if summer and now moving into winter it will take a bit of getting used to but in no time I'm sure they will be fine.

In previous seasons when teams fell below desired numbers they would merge the boys and girls together but it often caused a bit of a disparity.

The boys often got a little excited which resulted in the girls pulling back a bit and not engaging and little miss has often said she doesn't like playing with the boys. Some of the young boys that do play are often at a higher skill level so I can understand her position in not feeling confident.


All in all COVID hasn't appeared to impact little miss and we're back into the routine of things and I'm looking forward to the remainder of the season.