MAcFiT update. My Actifit Report Card: November 24 2021


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My today’s report is entirely about #MAcFiT competitions.

MAcFiT Champions League and Consolation Cup Update

Latest matches - Tuesday, Nov 23

No matches on Tuesday, Nov 23

Currently playing - Wednesday, Nov 24

MAcFiT Consolation Cup Round of 8, Leg 1

@zimnaherbata vs @davidesimoncini
@sandraa1 vs @racibo
@ilodz24hd vs @davidthompson57
@ykretz.sports vs @homesteadlt

The second leg is scheduled on Sunday, Nov 28

Next on Schedule - Thursday, Nov 25

MAcFiT Champions League Group Stage, Match Day 4

Group A

@ptaku - @manuvert
@pjansen - @practicaleric

Group B

@grecki-bazar-ewy - @pagane
@flaxz - @mariya36

Group C

@milabogomila - @venan
@cezary-io - @merthin

Group D

@sk1920 - @browery
@bucipuci - @masoom

Season 4 Schedule

Champions League - Group phase:

  • Match Day 1: Saturday, Nov 20
  • Match Day 2: Sunday, Nov 21
  • Match Day 3: Monday, Nov 22
  • Match Day 4: Thursday, Nov 25
  • Match Day 5: Friday, Nov 26
  • Match Day 6: Saturday, Nov 27

Consolation Cup - 2 initial rounds

  • Round of 16
    -- Leg 1: Friday, Nov 19
    -- Leg 2: Sunday, Nov 21
  • Round of 8
    -- Leg: Wednesday, Nov 24
    -- Leg: Sunday, Nov 28

Quarterfinals - Champions League

Top 2 players from each group advance to the quartefinals. The brackets are decided up front:

A1 vs D2
D1 vs A2
B1 vs C2
C1 vs B2

Match days:

Leg 1: Wednesday, Dec 1
Leg 2: Saturday, Dec 4

Quarterfinals - Consolation Cup

4 winners of Round of 8 will be seeded (in order of their points/scores in the said Round) and will be matched against 4 players who have finished Champions League group phase on 3rd places (in reverse order of their points/scores)

Match days:

Leg 1: Thursday, Dec 2
Leg 2: Sunday, Dec 5

Season 5

Already thinking about the next season. I want stabilization, so I will keepp the current format of Champions League and Consolation Cup. I need however to finetune the qualification process. Details later, here are the highlights:

  1. @browery has paused his #Poliac League. I am therefore converting the #MAcFiT slot reserved for League One winner into a Wild Card. By default it will go the highest ranked player not automatically qualified by regular means. If Poliac League is back, the Wild Card may go again to its winner. Order of automatic admittance into Champions League Season 5:
  • Winner of Champions League
  • Winner of Consolation Cup
  • Top 3 ranked players after the above two
  • Wild Card holder
  1. Introduction of "lucky loser"
  • the best player eliminated in Round 2 of Champions League qualifiers (decided by narrowest score difference) will still get into the group phase. They will be placed in group A (the group of the Defending Champion)
  1. Tentative schedule
  • Season 4 ends with Finals on Dec 15 & 16
  • First round of qualifiers will be played on Dec 17-20
  • Second round of qualifiers will be played on Dec 24-27
  • Season 5 will kick off on Dec 31 (Consolation Cup) and Jan 1 (Champions League)

how fitting, isn't it? :-)

MAcFiT Ranking Table

It will be used for qualification / seeding for the next Season (Season 5)


Ranking system

Rolling over 4 seasons, weighted:

  • 100% for Previous Season ("current -1"),
  • 75% for "-2",
  • 50% for "-3",
  • 25% for "-4"


  • All qualifying matches
    -- 1pt for a win
    -- 0.5pt for a draw
  • Champions League
    -- 2pt for a win
    -- 1pt for a draw
    -- 1pt for playing in each round
    -- 1pt for the Final Winner
  • Consolation Cup
    -- 1pt for a win
    -- 0.5pt for a draw
    -- 0.5pt for playing in each round
    -- 0.5pt for the Final Winner


Ranking after previous season close is used for

  • automatic admittance into Champions League
  • Champios League and Consolation Cup qualifications.
  • Champions League group setup - here with a twist:
    -- players who beat a seeded player in the qualifiers, take over the defeated player's seed
  • Consoloation Cup Round of 16 seeding

Note: "Running" ranking published during competitions is "information only"

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