SDSU Offers Refunds For Fall Sports (And Asks for Donations at the Same Time)


SDSU is prepping for the possibility of not having sports in the fall.

In their newsletter today they shared the different possibilities of getting refunds.

San diego state sports.jpeg

picture from unsplash

They also suggested that season ticket holders turn their tickets into donations and even included different ways of doing so, reminding us that although sports may not be moving forward, the income is still necessary.

Even sports standing still is costing money.

SDSU is working hard to keep sports relevant, they have even began hosting a reading hour on facebook.

sdsu sports update .png

On a more celebratory note Anthony Walters, was recruited by the Mets and Casey Schmitt is going to San Francisco - if they had a full contract, perhaps they themselves could donate to the Aztecs Sports Teams.

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