Basketball Game that I Play

Basketball has been my favored game since I was in high school. If I remember correctly I started playing at the age of 14. As a Filipino, my height was a little bit taller than an average Filipino height. Even though I had no idea about the basketball game I was invited to join one of the teams playing in our brgy.

Yes, I was like a joker of the people back then. It was expected because dribbling, shooting, and guarding were hard for me as a noob player. I just embarrassed myself back then but they still let me play because I was helpful in the game in different ways.

After that basketball league, I started practicing and training about basketball league. I woke up at dawn, maybe earlier than 5 in the morning so no one could see me doing training. I kept doing that for many months and finally, it paid off.

One time, I was invited with my friend to play an unofficial game in the next brgy. I was just forcefully invited because they were lacking. However, they were surprised at how I played that game because they didn't expect me to play like that. Flattered. They praised me about how good I was playing basketball compared to the last time they saw me play. I was happy of course, just imagine how I trained so hard to be a good basketball player. Even not being seen on the television. I was content to play basketball in different Brgy.s or small villages in town.

Almost 20 years have passed recently. I was not that active in playing basketball anymore. There are different important priorities compared to playing basketball by earning just a small cent sometimes.

Now that I recently came back from playing basketball I was not good on the court but good on the bench. It's so funny to think of how I was motivated back then to be a good player at playing basketball. A little bit sad, I accepted the kind of position I am now when participating in the game.

You can mostly find me sitting on the bench and on the court for a short time sometimes. The moves or the steps that I practiced before couldn't be seen. It's in my mind only because sadly my body couldn't follow anymore.

I wanted to be good but maybe my time for that was over and it's time let the new generations enjoy it. But still, I 100% support the new generations who love to play basketball. That's why sometimes I get frustrated seeing players in our Brgy. poorly. It came to my mind that maybe I could train them instead so that my passion for basketball will be passed on.

(that's me)

Even though I could no longer play like I used to because it made me happy. I could make myself happy by supporting them. I don't want my journey in the game of basketball to end.

Thank you for reading

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