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I'll be presenting on the business of the 21st century which is LONGRICH BIOSCIENCE INT'L. But before going straight into longrich company's profile I'll like us to understand these simple facts...they are 3 categories of people who make up this earth which are...those who make things happen, those who see things happen and those who talked about what happened...please yourself deeply on which category you fall because the world is ruled by thise who see tomorrow before it becomes a reality and great oppurtuinities are not seen with the eyes rather with the mind so am presenting to you an oppurtuinity below to change your financial situation for a better through LONGRICH INT'L

(Join this amazing business model
Call or WhatsApp us at +237 677932133)

Longrich bioscience int'l is an Asian/American company that has been existing for 34 yeaes now and present in over 180+ countries and produces ober 2000 products ranging from household peoducts, Cosmetics, Daily used products etc...longrich is present in Africa, Asia, Europe, with N/S America..

The company has eight Research and development centres in Usa, Mainland China, France, Russia, Japan, UAE etc....and is currently building a 40,000 hectares of land research centre in nigeria in the lekki free trade zone..

Longrich has 5star hotels in China USA France UAE this company also deals with TOURISM BANKING AND FINANCE, INVESTMENT, REAL ESTATE, EDUCATION AGRICULTURE etc
Longrich has two universities which are in mainlaind China and USA. They offer partners like you and i scholarships to study in the universities.

Being a production company, Longrich produces for renowned companies like Wal-Mart( the highest highest employers in the U.S) TOTAL,TESCO,UNILEVER etc longrich alone owns 3% of China's economy ( A country whose population is larger than that of Africa)

Longrich has different methods of paying its partners every thursday which are refferal, performance, development, leadership bonuse, etc, etc.

—For 24000 frs_ Combo
1st Generation = 6000 frs
2nd Generation = 1440 frs
3rd Generation = 2880frs
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 6000x 10= 60000

—For 90000_ Combo
1st Generation = 18000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 18000x 10= 180000

—For 150000_ Combo
1st Generation = 30000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 30000x 10= 300000

—For 330000_ Combo
1st Generation = 60000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 60000x 10= 600000

1⃣ Silver - 8%
2⃣Gold -10%
3⃣Platinum -12%
4⃣Platinum VIP - 12%+ 1 % share of global sales.


  • Platinum VIP: cost 1.800.000cfa gives 1680 pv
  • Platinum: cost 780,000cfa gives 720pv
  • Gold: cost 330.000cfa gives 240pv
  • Silver: cost 150.000cfa gives 120pv


  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Perfomance bonus
  3. Development bonus
  4. Leadership bonus
  5. Retail Order bonus

—For 24000 frs_ Combo
1st Generation = 6000 frs
2nd Generation = 1440 frs
3rd Generation = 2880frs
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 6000x 10= 60000
—For 90000_ Combo
1st Generation = 18000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 18000x 10= 180000
—For 150000_ Combo
1st Generation = 30000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 30000x 10= 300000
—For 330000_ Combo
1st Generation = 60000
**Sponsor 10 people and get, 60000x 10= 600000

Performance means the total activities your organization or team have done within a given week. You are paid a percentage on the SALES VOLUME of your team every week. Your team comprises of people you personally referred to do the business and those they in turn referred to do same.

—It is paid on your 2 weak legs and it is based on your entry level.
*Entry levels

  1. Stock of 150000 = 8%
  2. Stock of 300000 = 10%
  3. Stock of 800000 = 12%
  4. Stock of 1.7m = 12% + 1% global sales per month

***Example:Let's do the Maths
Let's use leg A,B and C as an example.
Get yaour calculator. You will do the calculations.
Let's assume Phindi is currently a Platinum VIP member (12%) and she has 3 legs:
A = 2000pvs
B = 3000pvs
C = 500 pvs

👆That's her weekly performance.
In this case - leg A and leg C is considered to be her weak leg for that particular week.
Therefore your performance bonus will be derived from leg A and C
2000 + 500 = 2500 what is 12% of 2500?

Its 300pvs

300pvs x600 = 180000frs cfa

Note: each pvs cost 600f
Your performance bonus for that particular week will be 180000frs .

Question will be *why do we multiply with 600 🤥

We could have used 500frs which is our current exchange rate -however because the exchange rate fluctuate everyday the company decided to use a standard rate which is 600frs= I$ =1pv

Development Bonus is set at 10% for all.

How do we calculate that?
What is 10% of 2500pvs x 600 ?
It is 150,000cfa
Performance + development bonus = 150000 + 180000 😱😱😱in 1 week

‼4. LEADERSHIP BONUS (My favorite)
Leadership Bonus is based on your sponsored Tree.
Let's say I have introduced Eliz into the business
E.g: Eliz earns 1 million cfa per week.
—My leadership bonus will be 10% what Eliz earns every thursday and 5% of her 1st generation.
—If she earns 1million cfa i get 10%
And let's assume Brian is her 1st generation with of an income of 500,000frs cfa Then it means I am entitle to 5% of 500000 frs

—Leadership Bonus is up to 45% ( WEALTH CREATION) so the more you recruit an place under ur team. They more money you will make 🤸🏼‍♀🤸🏼‍♀🤸🏼‍♀

‼ 5. The Retail order BONUS*
4.5% of 30pvs
E.g Lets say you have 2000 team members
-Each members does a 30PVs retail order that month
2000 team members x 1.46$ = big money
Whats fascinating is the fact that we all get paid.


1⃣ As people are joining your business weekly.
2⃣ As products are being sold weekly.

Note: The percentage you earn depends on the investment package you started with but the good news is you can upgrade

We have the following Incentives

  1. International trips (atleast 3 per year) per year all expensed paid
  2. Scholaships (up to 4 kids)2 years degree program and 4 years MBA program
  3. House incentive🏘 (house worth 90 million frs cfa)
  4. Our Car incentive 🚘🚖
    Mini Model 13k$
    Big Model 20k$

Stock of 150k frs cfa is 120PVs
Stock of 90k frs cfa is 60PVs
Lets use a Scenarion of ppl joining with 150k frs cfa- 120pvs

  1. You need 5 people to be D1
  2. You need 14 ppl to get to D2
  3. You need 30 ppl to Get D3
  4. You need 100 ppl to be on D4
  5. When ur 100 get their 3 its D5

Note: The power of duplication will takes you there

Join this amazing business model
Call or WhatsApp us at +237 677932133
See at the TOP.
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