RABONA : Previous season end reward / Advanced to league

Hello RABONA managers!

Season-88 is ended.
Did your team get a good result?

As for my team got a good result.
My team AungSan FC standed
at 1st place in league 2 /ID634. And my team advanced to league-1.
I got 0.195 Hive as previous season

Congratulations Aung San FC!

Have a successful team in

Current status of my team

Season-89 is started and
completed 13 matches.
Now my team is compete in
League-1. My team won-3 lose-7
and draw-3 and standing at 14
places . Its not a good result of
new season starting. My team
scored total 10 goals. I was not satisfied my teams attacking. My football team allowed 26 goals. Its
showing my team is very bad at

I am trying to keep my team out of
the relegation zone in this
season-89 at League - 1. Now I use
and train 4-3-3 formation the most.
And all of my teams players status
of 4-3-3 is over 50%.


Fans are important in a football
team. The team cannot stand
without the audience. Let me
summarize an income. There are
home and away matches in
football. Tickets for the sale of
home stadium tickets. The main
source of income is from selling
shirts. But in the away match,
ticket sales do not make money.
The only way to make money is to
sell shirts and scarfs. As a result,
you will earn more money if you
have more fans. The audience may
vary depending on the status of
your team. Therefore, it is
advisable to try to get at least 1 to 4

Now my team have fans more and
Regional: 706,080
National: 7,395,619
International: 54,609,352
Total: 62,711,051

All matches:
Played: 2263
Won: 1237
Lost: 766
Draw: 260

Do you know this Football game?

This is a Blockchain Game base on
Hive Platform. You can play this
game with your hive account.

Build your team and earn reward

Now there have a lot changing in this game and you will get daily Hive Reward

To know more about Reward read here

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I'm not a big fan of soccer games but this one looks really fun and apparently it's also profitable.
Thanks for sharing your experience!

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