Fitness: 13th January 2022 + A Did You Know Fitness Question


Good Morning

The mornings around my place have become very cold. It is just so much fun. That is true about the afternoon too. I mean, I could be standing in the sun, but the breeze would be so cold that I would be shivering. This experience is odd for the tropics. When the sun shines, you run for the shade. So, a welcome departure from the regular. 😊

What does that mean for my fitness regime? It means that I can go out for a run in the morning and hardly sweat. Hmm, that is cool!

What was my fitness schedule like?


While I was out for the run, I realized that a good part of my regular course was dug for some construction work. That should have been around half a kilometer. The flyover right from where I start went over the construction part, and it made sense to use it. So, I had to reverse up on my course and then take the flyover to run my regular three kilometers. Now, that has done two things – one, the three-kilometer has now become three and a half, and two, I have one more flyover to go over. 😊 So, three flyovers throughout three kilometers. That means I would be going over the incline six times. Not bad, hey!

I haven't analyzed the course, but I am sure I would have a lot of inclines on my path than flat ones — a good thing, in my opinion. Anyway, I had some time left once I was back home, so I took up weights. I was focused on my arms and abs. I spent some time on my triceps as well. At the very end, I took up stress training. I sure have improved since a week back, and a lot more improvement is still possible. Fun times! 😊

You guessed it right, I did include some Ho'oponopono sessions. For those wanting to learn more about Ho'oponoponoo, here is my write-up on the topic.

What Is Ho'oponopono? | The Hawaiian Healing Technique

Have fun reading and practicing.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I will see you all tomorrow.




Did You Know?

Joe Reverdes holds the record for most squats (male category) in 24 hours. He did 25,000 squats in that time. In fact, he achieved it within 24 hours, starting on 4th September 2020 at 7:45 a.m. and finishing on 5th September 2020 at 7:28 a.m.

What's more exciting to know is that Joe was 53 years old at the time of setting the record. He wanted to show his grandchildren that age is just a number. I guess he has not only shown his grandchildren but the world that age is just a number!!

Way to go!!



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay


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