When dreams come true. Part 3.

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Now we are familiar with the main character of the story so in this part a little more about his family, more specifically the brothers. They will play an important role in Ronald's further dream of becoming a basketball player.

The yard basketball court was one of the few places where he got rid of the brothers with whom he had to share the largest room in the apartment. The three older brothers were able to make his life miserable at times, but there was always an orange ball in the yard. The relationship with the brothers was wonderful, no one at school dared to stick a finger at him, knowing that Ronald's brothers would not leave ten-year-old Ronald unsafe. The only ones who could do it were the brothers themselves, and they did it more than often, which did not always go to the youngest brother's heart.

-If I get more points, you wash the dishes for a week - Ronald's older brother Mārtiņš says. He was five years older, a head taller than Ronald, with his black coal hair on his shoulders to resemble his favorite rock stars. With great enthusiasm, he formed a music group that is both the best and the only in the school at the same time.

-Thirty-point shots, one winner?- Ronald liked the offer but raised reasonable suspicions because Mārtiņš's offer sounded too good to be true.

-I think it will not be fair for the youngest brother to compete with the older one- Mārtiņš's voice already sounded like a mysterious trick that came to light when the other two Ronald brothers arrived.

Richard, a two-year older who was a great footballer, has long earned parental favor to go to football training, where he has already achieved some success. Just reappeared from training, still wearing a green and white shirt with a team symbol on his chest. The spirit of rivalry had been glowing in his blood since birth, striving to win at all costs.

The last fourteen-year-old Alfons arrived in the yard, fascinated by lifting weights, which was reflected in his appearance. His palm was twice the size of Ronald's. He was as obsessed with looks and everything, loving to brag about everything that others did not.

The challenger, Mārtiņš, was the first to enter the long-range line. His throwing technique was strange, it looked like he was pushing the ball, and it flew almost without a trajectory. For relief, Ronald's older brother was able to throw in just three shots, receiving a well-deserved sarcastic rebuke for his modest performance.

Next to the line came Alfonso, in his strong hands, a basketball ball looks similar to a yellow ball used in tennis. The brown hair impregnated with the gel reflected in the sunset light, but the stylish look did not help to realize more than five successful throws.

The result of the brothers made Richard look optimistic about next week's kitchen work. At the same time, small support whispered to him how much his self-esteem would suffer if he loss for his younger brother.

Richard did not make miracles and scored only ten out of thirty points, giving them a total of eighteen points. That's exactly how the youngest Ronald had to beat, and he confidently went to the corner of the cort to start the first five shots from there.

-The coach has always said that what distinguishes a good player from an excellent player, the ability to play in crucial moments- he talked to the coach in his mind, remembering Richard's words -the victory is not the main thing, but the loss is not acceptable-

To be continued...

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