My Lagging FPL Squad.

There are so many shocking and laughable occurrences in the European football space lately and that's giving football fans including myself a lot to talk about but today, I would like to reflect on my FPL squad which I'm not really happy about at the moment.

This past game Week for me was just something with a bittersweet experience. I was so happy that my attackers delivered because it's been a while I experienced having all my attackers from the midfielders to my strikers all having above 3 points.

But to sadly contradict the beauty from my attackers, my defenders game out with poor results even in the previous game Week before this that was just concluded some few days ago.

I actually gambled my defence and that was a huge risk for me but I never expected it to be this bad. I took in De Gea because I was expecting and I predicted that he was going to have much saves since Manchester United was to take on Manchester City.

De Gea actually did more like I expected against Manchester City and coming back against Everton, he didn't get to do much as United dominated and held more of the possessions in the midfield. I am still willing to keep up with my gamble with De Gea for now.

Unlucky me, I had Malacia but he didn't get to play and that I think was a punishment for the mistake he made in the UEL against Omonia but hopefully he would be given another chance this week by Ten Hag.

Considering what's currently going on with Liverpool, I feel like letting go of Van Dijk but I sincerely do not know what or who is a better replacement. Talking of Manchester City's defenders as options, it's risky as Pep keeps rotating his defense by the week.

I am definitely making lots of changes in my defence this week but I'll keep observing for now.

Not just because of the this results but my midfield seems to be quite for now. I wished I had captained Saka but the sincere true was that I never expected him to outplay Haaland last weekend at all considering the fixtures both Arsenal and Manchester City had.

Now knowing that it's Manchester City vs Liverpool this weekend, I feel like playing my free hit card.

To my own understanding as a Manager I don't think I've got much problems in my squad and I also think I am and I have been lagging because of my choice of defenders and that's what I'll be looking into from and for now.

There's absolutely nothing on my bench for now!

All images are snapshots from my FPL mobile application.