¿Quién es Sandro Mamukelashvili? // Who is Sandro Mamukelashvili? [ES/EN]


Este ala-pivot de los Spurs de San Antonio viene mejorando sus números en cada partido, mostrando más decisión para llegar al aro, lo cual le permite marcar más de 10 puntos por partido.

Donde más destaca el georgiano de 2.06 de estatura es en defensa, por su cantidad de rebotes, que pueden ser más de 10 por noche, así como sus tapones y bloqueos.


Por cierto, su verdadero nombre de pila es Alexander y tiene 24 años. Llegó a la NBA en el draft de 2021 con los Indiana Pacers, luego pasó a los Bucks de Milwaukee, quienes finalizaron su contrato antes de que lo contrataran los Spurs en la agencia libre.


This power forward for the San Antonio Spurs has been improving his numbers with each game, showing more decisiveness to get to the rim, which allows him to score more than 10 points per game. Where the 2.06-inch Georgian stands out the most is on defence, his rebounding, which can be more than 10 rebounds a night, as well as his blocks and blocks. By the way, his real first name is Alexander and he is 24 years old.

He has played basketball in Europe representing Georgia in FIBA international competitions in 2019 as well as in Eurobasket 2022. He came to the NBA in the 2021 draft with the Indiana Pacers, then went to the Milwaukee Bucks, who terminated his contract before the Spurs signed him in free agency.

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