SHADOW SNITCH // Challenge: Weekly Battle


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Dear Splinters,

I like the new battle challenge of the week. I was able to rent the Lv8 Shadow snitch and test its abilities on the Battlefield.


The lineup of the cards in the arena was not too complex this week. The rulesets were defined as following close range, Even Steven, and the mana limit was set at 22.

Contessa L'ament was summoned and led a death elemental squad. My opponent came into the arena with the fire elemental. The mana limitation in this match was a great advantage for my lineup.


  • Talia Firestorm lv3

  • Cerberus lv4

  • Furious chicken lv3

  • Scavo chemist lv1

  • Spirit miner lv2

  • Kobold miner lv3

  • Efreet elder lv1


The range minus one ability of my summoner has been very helpful in this match. The opposite lineup had more magic monsters than range but I got a surprise for the magic type.

In general, the low mana cap battles are heavily focused on the usage of multiple abilities.

  • Contesss L'ament lv6

  • Shadow snitch lv8

  • Furious chicken lv5

  • Corpse fiend lv0

  • Grim reaper lv6

  • Phantom soldier Lv3

I have planned to play full offensive during this battle. The opposite team had lower experienced monsters compared to mine. Despite the difference in the card's power, the match was exciting until the last round number seven.


My Battle Challenge LINK

My strategies

I knew that close range in the ruleset would have favored range-like cards on the board, so my summoner was contessa to limit the firepower from behind the opponent's side. Also, I got into the habit to place a monster with silence in the lineups in case my adversary chooses to play magic cards. The reaper with affliction could stop heal effect on the enemy cards. The role played by each card in my lineup was part of the strategy set up to win this match.

Did my strategy work?

My strategy worked incredibly well. I was surprised myself to have survived the last stand on my opponent's cards Efreet. The affliction worked perfectly on Cerberus. The silence ability of the Phantom saved my team in this battle. The magic stricks from the enemy would have been too strong if the silence ability wasn't active on my side during the battle.

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Do I often select SHADOW SNITCH to fight in the arena? why or why not
Snitch is a newly realized card from Chaos legion. My interest to strengthen my death elemental type of monsters is currently focused on the range and magic cards. I have rarely played Snitch in my lineup. I am struggling to keep a good spot in the Gold league, so snitch is not on top of my favorite cards to add to my team before the game starts.

The affliction ability is surely a great tool that can boost one's strategies in the Bronze and Silver league.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team. My lineup team selection was based on offensive strategy due to the battle ruleset.

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Warm regards

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Good battle, I've never uploaded my battles, I'll start doing it.