Can I ever love boxing? I think it promotes violence.


If I have an option now to choose my best amongst all games or sports boxing will never go through lol, I have hated that thing called boxing from day one we never get along. but I see lots of people around the hive platform sportstalksocial community, especially loving boxing, and can talk a whole day or write a 10min read post about it, I wonder how they derive pleasure in watching boxing matches. like boxing sucks to me and I go far away from someone that loves watching it or loves talking about boxing.

After the Christmas celebrations, it's boxing day, right? on boxing day, I received a big blow from my neighbor wishing me a happy boxing day the blow was very big that it almost dislocated my wrist. you see the reasons why I hate boxing, this guy loves watching boxing matches and I always avoid him because whenever he is talking he will always want to put his boxing skills to action even if you are not quarreling with him. if I had the power to stop some kind of game or sport in the world it will be boxing. it's not even good for the health we see many of these boxers die from brain issues and many others have lifetime disability problems.

I was just 13 years old when my dad enrolled me in a new school I was in jss1 (junior secondary school) when I got to class I picked the front sit I have always loved sitting in front of the class, not because of anything but so I can pay attention and not get disturbed by backbenchers. it was my first day in school since I got enrolled and all of a sudden a boy of 14 to 15 years came to me and asked me to take my ugly self to the back that he was gonna sit in front, I was furious and asked if he owned the sit or the classroom before I could say JACK he landed a big blow on my face that took out one tooth from my mouth.

and all the class could do was cheer him and called him Mayweather and so on I tried to retaliate but he was too strong for me that's how I got the beaten of my life on my first day at school. they made jest of me saying I can never win a boxing match or I wasn't fit for boxing and they say I should go and train harder. I mean WTF I can to a school not a training center for upcoming boxers, I think this incident made me dislike boxing I just can't stand someone beating with a face swollen and legs broke all in the name of a title or belt whatsoever.

In my own opinion, I think boxing encourages violence, so therefore I can't associate myself with it am so much glad non of my family members do watch or love boxing. and children shouldn't be restricted from watching boxing because it affects them a lot I am a living witness lol. it's really sad how you work hard to become a successful boxer and get a lot of fortune from boxing at the end of the day die without enjoying them from one incurable disease to another.

well, all these are my opinions on boxing, as they are a saying from one popular Nigerian artist.

another man's food, is another man's poison.

in other words, he meant what I like might be what kills me.

Merry Christmas my people I am wishing y'all a prosperous new year in advance. we just have a few days left please stay safe and avoid violence.

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