Not Convincing But It Was Enough.


After their loss against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the League, the scrutiny of Manchester United increased and all eyes were on them to see what they would do against Aston Villa, led by Steven Gerrard at Old Trafford.

United haven't been utterly convincing in their matches and the fear factor isn't back yet due to their lack of focus, sloppiness, players disgruntlement coupled with dressing room issues but against Aston Villa, they managed to get the needed solitary goal, thanks to Scot McTominay whose goal qualified Manchester United for the next round of the FA Cup competition.

United went on the front foot and it paid off in the 8th minute after Mason Greenwood and Fred combined which saw Fred's wicked delivery into the box perfectly fell for McTominay who then glanced his header into the back of the net in the 8th minute. It proved to be the only goal of the game as United held on for their lives to deny Aston Villa coming back into the game.

McGinn tried his effort from just outside the box in an attempt to beat De Gea to a top-right corner finish but De Gea managed to get a touch to keep his side in the game by denying the effort. United would also count themselves lucky, thanks to De Gea's crossbar after a poor touch from Lindelof was pounced on by Ollie Watkins. He raced towards the ball as he beat Lindelof for pace. He got the ball, cut inside and his touch was too heavy as he beat the goalkeeper but not the crossbar.

Manchester United also had two attempts on the back of each other after Greenwood's delivery into the box was cleared off but the ball managed to get to Bruno Fernandes whose strike just outside the box was stopped by the defender. The ball was still in play and Luke Shaw tried a long-range strike which Martinez did well to push away for a corner kick.

Danny Ings thought he had levelled the game for Aston Villa after he bundled home the ball after he was perfectly set up in the box. After VAR check with the referee consulting with his side monitor, the goal was ruled off for a foul on Cavani by Ramsey after he obstructed him in the box. Cash had a goal attempt as well but the ever-impressive David De Gea was there to deny him by getting a touch on the ball.

Greenwood wasted another golden chance for Manchester United after he was sent clear on goal from the side of the pitch. He was particularly selfish in this game and he proved it yet again after he was clear on goal from the right side and his tame shot was easily saved by Martinez especially with Rashford lurking around, hoping for a cutback pass. It wasn't the first time for Greenwood on the night as he wasted too many chances. Many people were angry at Marcus Rashford as well especially with his lacklustre performance and his inability to respond quickly to the tame effort from Greenwood after the goalkeeper spilt it.

Ollie Watkins had the ball in the back of the net but he was flagged for offside. The game ended 1-0 in favour of Manchester United, thanks to McTominay's goal. Manchester United would have to improve their performance in the next game because this was below par performance but still a slight improvement from their defeat against Wolves in the league.

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