My Introduction to hive


Olive Marcel is my name. I am from Oguta a beautiful town in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Growing up was so much fun because I was born and brought up into a lovely family of seven, which I happened to be the first child. Being the first was really a task because I had to play the role of a mother.

An Accountant by profession. I was inspired by my dad who also was an Accountant. Watching him in his office trying to calculate both income and expenses of his organization and finally posting it to balance sheet gave me so much joy. For me it was fun engaging in all those calculation, so I went for it.

The question is, "How does it come that am now a teacher" Why teacher after studying Accounting. I started teaching out of pity, seeing children that are eager to learn but could not afford it made me angry. I decided to be a volunteer teacher which is one of the best things that has happened to me. At first I thought that I was rendering help but no, it was destiny because it was nice being in the midst of people teaching and impacting knowledge to them. Sincerely, gained a lot from it because am always joyful being with them and at the same time, it brought me out of being an introvert. With all my impact, I was not recognized because my degree was not educational related. This led to my going further to obtain my post graduate diploma in education (PGDE). It never ended there, then I decided to go further in obtaining my Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). So today, I am a full fledged teacher.



I love animals so much so having them around makes me happy, so taking care of them is my pleasure






My thanks goes to my brother @ martinlazizi who introduced me into hive and I count it a great privilege to join hive because this organization has come to add value to many life and I am one of them.


What beautiful animals you get to share the day with!

Welcome to Hive! Wishing you success here.


Welcome to hive! I’m glad that you’re on here with us, it’s a wonderful place full of lots of great people!

I am excited to see you join us here! It’s a lot of fun and full of great people. We have lots of ways to organize people into what we call communities. Communities make it easy to organize topics and interests. It looks like you might already be aware of the Leo finance community with your avatar picture there so that’s great! Drop into the communities that interest you and spend a lot of time commenting on peoples posts. If you comment that will be one of the most important things you can do while you grow your account and audience!

We’ve got a beginner zone, so-to-speak that has lots of important information you can learn from. I would recommend you check it out to learn some stuff about the place, lots of great information is posted there.

One of the things I wanted to do is give you a piece of advice that could make this place awesome for you! Talking with some of the people who have been here for a while, we remember one of the best things we did was find other people’s posts through others or go looking and start commenting meaningful things. If you drop small phrases it won’t get you much attention but if you look at a persons post and leave a great comment, a lot of times they will appreciate it and talk with you. If you continue to do this you will develop a friendship with them and will gain followers and grow your account. This is not an easy and fast process. It takes time but the more effort you put in the more you can be rewarded, with limitations of course.

I just say this in hopes you go out there and really connect with people and grow your account. The more we all do this, the more people will come here to take advantage of such a great place.

With commenting and posting, we consume what’s called ‘resource credits’ and in the beginning you don’t have a lot, you have to earn more. If you want to consistently comment and post, the website does 10 day delegations for you to increase your credits to comment or post. Give it a try if you need some! Please feel free to ask me about this if you are confused!

There’s also a great article that can answer a lot of the questions you may have. Please visit it at:

Here are also some great communities of people you can check out! The list is a work in progress so please take them as suggestions but there are a LOT of others besides these!

Leo Finance
HODL Community

Natural Medicine



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