About the Super league


Adriano Galiani said there is no league that can meet up with the English premier league league in terms of making money but the only way out for the other leagues in Europe is to bring in Super league, He added that English Premier league has already have money, so they can choose not to join the other European leagues if they don't want to, so other Europe leagues should just start playing the Super league if they want to, in other to make enough money, maybe they would also meet up with English premier league. After England, it's Spain. After England that have strong 8, Spain have strong 2 and half; Real Madrid and Barcelona, Athletico Madrid comes at times. Germany have just 1, and half; Bayern Munich and Burussia Dortmund.

But to me, the other leagues too can meet and even earn more than the money that English premier league earns. They don't need anything than just strategies, they can watch premier league ways, the way that they manage the league. It could even be the club owners strategy, and that's one of things that premier league is higher than other European leagues. Premier league matches are unpredictable, there is no small club in premier league and if there is small club they are very view. The year that Leicester City came from relegation was the year that they won the premier league, so you can't tell who will win in any match.

But If other leagues said they won't bring bring the English Premier league along in the super league, I think they would loose, they won't earn anything in that league because won't see adverts as much as possible and as a result, they won't have enough sales talkless of earning enough money. If English premier league clubs are not in the super cup that they are thinking of starting, don't won't have what they need to make money and it's because it's English premier league that is most watch in the world and it keeps increasing day by day and the main reason why it's been watched is because it's not predictable.

Even If we didn't look much, if we look the last 5 years, the English league have been doing well, they reach we least quarter final in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa league that all the clubs in Europe plays, so they keep getting better and with this morale, if they just go in the Super League, they would definitely fetch the league money because they would do well but I don't know why the English premier league clubs are stopped from playing the Super League, UEFA know that it would affect them if the big clubs that are called join, so they made England government threaten them.