Quest Rewards Of Splinterlands Game


Hello, dear fellows of the Hive community! I am here to share my today's splinterlands quest rewards with you. I received 6 rewards of chest today.



Banished from Below 5 of 5 - The venari fell upon the Dark Eternal city of Galzur one dark night. There was miraculously no bloodshed that night. The Dark Eternals watched in profound confusion as a huge wave of small rat-like creatures stole supplies, weapons and ships, then vanished into the Primordic Sea. It has not taken long for the venari to spread themselves throughout the Splinters, becoming involved in politics and power struggles. They have best fit in wherever their tech is found most useful, and wherever they can be paid handsomely for their assistance. A large group of venari has made friends with the goblins of Gobson, while others have settled in the Burning Lands. Some stayed behind in Mortis, where they have already proven helpful as allies to the Lord of Darkness. Now that they live on the surface, the venari must share the incoming threat of the Chaos Legion, vowing to use every tool and skill at their disposal to protect their home.


  • 1 Common Card GARGOYA LION
  • 2 Dark Energy Crystals
  • 1 Common Card VENARI HEATSMITH
  • 1 Common Card VENARI HEATSMITH
  • 139 Dark Energy Crystals
  • 1 Common Card PELACOR BANDIT

In my today's quest rewards you can see, in the six loot chests reward, I got one common card GARGOYA LION from the neutral splinter, one common card PELACOR BANDIT from the water splinter, two common cards VENARI HEATSMITH from the fire splinter, and in the other two loot chest 2,139 dark energy crystals which is play to earn in game tokens.

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