Quest Rewards Of Splinterlands Game


Hello dear fellows of Hive community! I am again here to share my todays splinterlands quest rewards with you. I received 6 rewards of chests today when i rented one gold legendary card for 5 days.




The new gargoya creatures have all developed distinct personalities and gone separate ways. Many of them cannot be controlled by any authority, but others among them are natural leaders. The one with the most commanding presence is the Gargoya Lion that used to perch just above the tower’s drawbridge as a guardian. Not only is the lion the largest of the gargoya race, but he appears to be the strongest as well. The fight against the Chaos Legion has called him to Praetoria, where he now waits with a small band of gargoya followers.


  • 1 Common Card PELACOR BANDIT
  • 1 Alchemy Potion Charges
  • 1 Common Card GARGOYA LION
  • 1 Common Card PELACOR DECEIVER
  • 1 Legendary Potion Charges
  • 10 Dark Energy Crystals
    In my todays quest rewards you can see, in the six loot chests I got one common cards PELACOR DECEIVER from death splinter, one GARGOYA LION from neutral splinter, one PELACOR BANDIT from water splinter, and in the other three loot 1 alchemy, 1 legendary potion charges and 10 dark energy crystals play to earn in game token.

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