RE: 2021 SEC Football Predictions - Week 6

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I have been hitting 60%+ lately on College Football totals.
35-7 is just wow for UK. Alabama is in trouble with A&M, I had A&M +18... most were on Alabama -18. This is going to be interesting. We have a cover on that Over.

Michigan is having a reversal of fortune at Nebraska, but we shall see. I feel better about the total now.

I have to finish making automated TikToks and then I'm getting College Hoops/Football set up on here. Then comes the build. If you haven't noticed, there's like maybe 5 of us who actually care about college sports here and I see this new project as an opportunity to take things in a direction that would be really cool. A more fun, insiderish, trash-talkin' environment where there is a bit of a knowledge threshold to really participate. It will not be a blog, I think you know where this is going. I'm going to try to find ways to have some level of moderation because while the technology is decentralized, there are controls in place on the side-chain and community level just to ensure that things don't go off the rails.