(Courtesy of Jets)

Before I go further New York Jets are the most unlucky team this year.
They helped Dolphin to snap their losing streak at the beginning of November.
December first they help Bengals do the same thing.
Thanks to Jets there will be no team without a winning game.

Next Sunday We will watch from New Jersey, Dolphin playing
on the cold weather.
Actually Jets' coach was Miami last year coach.
These teams are in the same division,
so it will be a rivalry match.
Patriots did win twice against them.
Bills will play the last season game against them.

Definitely Jets have had issues with QB with illness.
He had a stellar game last week against Raiders.
Raiders did have a run in the middle of the season
but they are running dry.

Jets did win against Cowboys.
That was a shocker for me knowing
how good everyone predicts Cowboys will be.
I guess Jerry Jones only knows Cowboys are good.
They play soft, no wonder why Jets beat them.
Jets won four games this year

  • Cowboys
  • Giants
  • Redskins

Definitely a November winning streak.
The season is about to come to an end.
Four games remaining for some teams.
Jets will play

  • Dolphins
  • Steelers
  • Ravens
  • Bills

Looking at the match up, playoffs are all over the other teams
where Jets have no playoffs implications.
If they do not win against Dolphins,
they are heading to 0-4 to close the season.
Thanks to Darnold, Leve'on Bell and companions.
Hopefully next year they will rebuild like always with Gase
at the relm.
The challenge will always be half full
in the AFC East due to NE holding the top
spot forever.
Got to wait the goat to go away to see different route.
Till next time let us enjoy December football.
Stay fit!