Watching the game from the sideline
trying to understand the implications of the head coach
to deliver every week, this is a hard job. As a leader you have to tweak
your team every week to be a winner. Why not look at all the coaches and see
where they stand on their tenure in the National Football League.


BIll Belichick has been over Patriots for two decades.
He has won so much games, it will be a crime to let him go.
Bill got the say on the field and front office. Over 200+ win Kraft
just wait for another trophy and Bill is the man until he retires.
Simple word he is untouchable.


Brian came from Bill coaching school. This is his first year.
He has to prove himself so he did by winning three games with what he got.
He will be back and help rebuild the team.
So far safe to be back for couple of years.


Freddie is starting this season with a lot of hype.
This team shows they can deliver.
Freddie will survive this year.
Hopefully next year they will keep their act together.
I am pretty sure he will survive this year.
Even though problem arises all the time
He should be fine to conclude this season.


IF I recalled this team has been on Superbowl not to long ago.
Sustainability is what keep coach afloat for more season.
Winning only three games and having an aging QB is not helping your case
to advance.
Dan Quinn should know what to do after being on the job for five years.
We will see if his survival instincts keep in fast.


America team is in big trouble.
Jason Garrett will surely retire after this season.
I am pretty sure he will announce it at the end.
Whenever you say Cowboys, you say Jerry Jones.
He is the eternal figure of this team with his own interview
after each game.
Jason has a mediocre season cause they cannot win games against
team over .500 and they lost to the Jets.
Thank you for your service Jason.



The coach Zac Taylor is having a season of rebuilding.
Hey they won their first game against the Jets, because of that we will
see him next year.
Actually Marvin Lewis was head coach for ever and not winning a playoff game.
Zac Taylor, take your time and most likely you will win 6 games next year.


Forget about spending six years at the realm, you beat Patriots at their
own game, you deserve to be head coach for another two years.
You have a hot QB that can throw and read the field, your job is somewhere
Go finish strong and win some playoffs games.


Harbaugh, I know your brother is having a hard time in the college tree,
but you have Lamar and you are winning games.
You figured out how to beat the best and continue to improve.
This is what head coach does, help the team to win.
Do you see Miami on your radar?
Bro, you are safe.

Lafleur is really a beautiful flower for the fans of Green Bay area.
First season he is winning 9 games with veteran QB.
At the start of the season defense carried the team to victory.
Now they need to mix everything together and continue their quest.
Matt Lafleur, just have to keep blossoming and you have a job longer than your predecessor.


Andy Reid is a coach of a team with a lot of great players.
They can score, oh yes they can score.
Andy since you know your job is stable, hire a strong defensive coordinator
and try to slow down your opponent.
Andy you decide.


Sean is a great coach trying to rebound after a rocket season last year.
Time flies so fast and this year is flat for him.
I don't know what he has left on his tank for the rest of the season.
Momentum needs to switch fast to be ready for 2020.
Somehow this season will not affect him much now.
Safe to push


Another Sean.
This one is Sean Payton.
This is the coach with the scheme to win the game.
I am not worry about him cause he is in a better place than most coach for winning
a Superbowl.
He has the QB that can zip the field.
Saints are so well coached, Brees was hurt and the backup QB keep the boat afloat.
They do not mess with their winning recipe.
By end of November, they captured their division title.


Jon Gruden is in full throttle as the second year head coach
of the Raiders. He did not start to coach yesterday.
This is his second time with the Raiders organization.
Gruden is the man in Oakland soon to be Las Vegas baby.
Signing 10 years contract is the stamp that tell you, I got this.



Nagy did something worth mentioning him to keep his job.
Beating Cowboys are not a huge fit but a decisive blow to push for playoff wild card.
You can see how happy he was after the win in the locker room.
He is building something so his job is still around for him to keep.


Anthony Lynn is in a process to shift to something really pleasant.
Aging QB and a roster that show desire to repeat last year flame.
Hard to let him go that quick but time always play its role.
Three years in charge and one somehow bad season should not be the way.
Even though Anthony made some changes in the offensive role, the result
is not there yet.


Doug, you won a Superbowl, cause of that you have the mic.
Unfortunately the city of brotherly love may not give you all that time.
They have the personnel to achieve a fit and win some more games.
When you play in the NFC EAST, you should go to the playoffs and try not to lose
to the Dolphins.


When you have Kyle Murray as QB and you are on your first year
keep riding that rookie year and the building process.
It is like everyone turns a blind eye on you to get a win.
You got this, gather experience and put Cardinals on the map.
Make your veteran RB Fitzgerald proud.
So far so good Kliff should be safe to grow Kyle.


Another Sean for you fans of Football.
This one is MCDermott.
Your job is safer than most coach.
If you win the AFC EAST you got two more years with your fresh QB Josh Allen.
Sean put this team where it should be to push for a playoff push.
Even though it is cold in Buffalo, keep the team in high spirit.


Andrew Lock comes to mind.
Franck Reich is the head coach and after his second season
things are not that great for him.
I cannot blame the guy and this season is a injuries are everywhere.
Somehow he managed to win 6 games with a back up QB.
Got me thinking hard ! okay.
This year Frank needs to build and be ready to rock Indiana in 2020.


Adam Gase was the head coach of Dolphins.
I guess he like teams with poor record.
Actually Miami was not that bad last year.
This year the Jets are messing up folks playoffs and allow Dolphins and Bengals
to get their first win.
He is safe since this is his first year.
Cannot wait to 2020 where every teams in the AFC EAST will have a winning season
including the Jets.


Mike Tomlin has been coached of Pittsburgh a decade and plus ago.
He is Superbowl champ.
The team got issues from last year to this year.
QB is not the main issue even though he uses backup or backup of a backup
to win games.
Mike is the man in Pittsburgh.
Now he is safe without Ben.
As long he continues to win through adversity, he got a job.


Kyle Shanahan is working something good in the West Coast.
His QB is a little fizzy from time to time.
At least the running game is here to help.
I can say loud and clear you are in good hands.
Bring us some good playoffs football.


Pete Carroll got it good in Seattle.
Glad they took care of Russell and now he is putting them in a comfortable place
year after year to win it again.
Pete is not just safe, Pete is the man up there.
Whenever you win a Super Bowl and almost did it again
you are so safe.
He is a coach always applauding his players.


Bruce is trying to keep the team in one piece.
Not easy to take over and flip everything.
Since it is his first year, Bruce got to get issues out of the way
and safely bring Buccs to winning football games.
Not an easy road but doable since he is in charge of almost everything.
Keep it running, Buccs usually play good defense.


Mike Vrabel used to play for Patriots.
Now he is in his second year.
The ship was sinking but Ex- Dolphins QB found a new home
and they are winning football games.
QBs in the NFL are hit and miss, Mariota?
Safely Vrabel will lead Titans in 2020.



When you hear the Broncos
you know this is a strong defensive team.
Vic should find his identity where big egos reign.
This is a team with big history of winning Super Bowl.
Vic will find his way somehow.
Definitely not this season.
2020 Vic will find a way.
Wait and see.


Mike Zimmer had been there for a while.
This season he has to deliver cause his contract on the line.
8-4 this year is right in the picture in the NFC North.
Mike should push to win and secure a division win.
Four games to prove you need that extension.
So far he is safe and holding everything in his quarter.


A by-product of Belichick from New England.
Matt Patricia may not last unless he goes back to the drawing board.
He did get the job cause he was part of a winning program.
The minute you cannot duplicate, you have to make the way.
After two years we will see how it goes for him.
2020 looks so fuzzy in Detroit.


Pat Shumur is in a state where most teams are falling.
Maybe he might get a pass for another year with a new QB.
Can Eli save him?
Saquan, I feel your pain bro.
Hang on 2020 should bring light at the end of the tunnel.


Doug, you have a lot to ride on that mustache.
Even the owner of Jaguars rocks a mustache.
Minshew II should generate some buzz, that way he will keep the starting QB job
going on next year.
Doug got to produce to stay in charge.
Why you allow your best defensive corner to leave?


These two teams have soft skins and they got rid of their head coach
during the season.
Jay Gruden looked lost at first and you can sense he requested to be fired.
losing five games and no response to improve you got to go.
Luckily they beat the Dolphins right after.
Redskins beat Panthers and now Ron Rivera was shown the door.
I did not see this one coming but hey if you have been on the job for years
you have to produce even though your elite QB is out.
I should say any teams losing to Jets, Dolphins, Redskins, Bengals
may have to look for a new head coach.
Four games left and more head coach may show the door.
The earlier the better, at least the team can focus on rebuilding before draft and acquire a new coach.
Ron Rivera will be back for his defensive background.
Stay tuned!


Lots of talk going on here in Atlanta, but the big game here will be the UGA vs LSU game. Who knows what if anything will happen to Quinn. Happy Friday Pounch. Very nice outline you have there.


Glad they diverted their attention on something
that they can cheer on.
Stay tuned!


nice long book post ,a lot of time to do a post like that talk about the teams but we need more time to talk about JEHOVAH and our savior JESUS CHRIST .


May you praise the Lord
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Keep the blessing high and humble
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