My Actifit Report Card: March 20 and 22 2023

Activities on 20st March 2023

The 1st of March falls on Monday. I really to a lot of steps on monday because of some activities I engaged myself into.

On the morning, I felt lazy of doing anything because of the rain that fell last night making the environment really Cold.

I saw myself yelling at the little kids to go inside because of the cold weather not knowing if they also felt the same way.

I had a normal day. I and My mom left for the farm in the morning. Here she put some cassava stems she got while I plough the soil, we did some clearing of weeds as well 😁.

All the while, my phone was with me, so I made sure it was counting my steps normally 👌

Mom left me with a little area of land with thick weeds to clear. I got home tired and took my bath immediately. I logged on to my WhatsApp to check what's up, my messages and story 🌚

In the evening, I had to prepare for our christian meetings in the evening.

When the meetings were over. I captured the schedule to know how to plan my week. When we came, I went tea and bread. I checked out lessons on my online class before going to bed.

Activities on March 21 2023

Already posted. Sorry I skipped it. Read the post below to get the full gist 😁

My Actifit Report Card: March 21 2023

Activities for yesterday: March 22 2023

I really didn't have much activities. My phone was low on battery life, before I was able to charge it was almost noon.

All the messages, reminders and all the things I would have don with my phone was suspended till noon. Power really had it's way.

With this disappointment, I didn't want to go anywhere anymore. The sun was boiling hot. I used the time to check out the MP3 music player I got from a client.

It wasn't turning on. I discovered that the battery was absent from it's battery cage.

When I tried using my Powerbank to power it, the panel got burning at the switch and immediately the Powerbank turned itself OFF.

Would it be that the battery was lost? Could it be that someone already noticed this and removed the battery to prevent damaging the circuit? Or would it be that the switches is bad and is badly bridged.

I think it needs a new battery and switch replacement. I need your views on this.

After communicating this with the client, I played music till evening 😊

No movies tonight 🫣

Good night phone 😔

Love you all ❤️😍

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