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At Your Service

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would you have angels kneel
their feathers touch the ground
pinions form ramps so minuscule beings
might transcend glass metropolises
urban hovels and over-flowing gutters

to tromp about the heavens
like Icarus, but wingless
soon scorched just the same

how did the angel get his wings ...

did he demand his plumes
did he roll around in the muck
so sticks and dead leaves would mimic plumage
from afar it’s hard to tell the difference
the faux, the knock-offs, from the genuine

but good luck flying that way
the only thing taking to air
will be the stench of decaying detritus

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would you have angel’s kneel
their feathers touch the ground
because for you, they might

soon there will be no more angels aloft
only minuscule beings like you
treading upon their bended spines


how did the angel get his wings
by never asking anyone to kneel
so he could gain a better a view

the angel got his wings
with faith he could fly

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I pen this during half-time. We got a busy weekend on our table ... but full of fun. My Alma Mater's football team has made it to the Western Canada football final, the Hardy Cup. At the moment, the UBC Thunderbirds trail the the very talented Saskatchewan Huskies on a very cold day on the Prairies.

Go T-Birds!!!


Watching all that running around on the field in the windchill is hard work. Sorry Guys. A girl gets hungry. As a show of solidarity, I left my window open. It's cold here in Vancouver too. LOL. Haha. Cold dipping is all the rage at them moment. On the prairies they just go outside.

In Vancouver, we snicker and eat brunch.


I assembled some devilled eggs. It's a quick and simple procedure. Bring six eggs to a boil and let cool. Peel your eggs and cut them in half. Scoop out your yolks. I like the orange ones that often come with free range. Add a tablespoon of dried bone broth.Then combine your yolks with a quarter pound of cream cheese.

Mayonnaise gets nowhere near my recipe. Bruce puts it well.

You are going to want to brighten things up with a tablespoon of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. I however put just sprinkle of vitamin C powder to heighten the nutrition. Season and spice to your pleasure. For me it was hot sauce and tarragon, a little Worscestshire sauce. Blend it all together well and re-yolk your whites with the mix. Garnish with pepper and tabasco and maybe some sliced green olives. I was lazy today. After the game we will do some homeschooling and then head out for some ice skating.


The Wisp

Just inside the woods that backed onto St. Cat, Bara wouldn’t be sighted, but she had a clear view of the dorms. Most everyone had gone home for Thanksgiving. There were only three rooms alit—Den Mother’s, Patsy’s, and her own. A dark form stood in the open doorway, Sheriff Pillanger. Having not found who he was looking for, Bara, he left. Bara was about to turn her focus back to watching for Colin when more movement in the room stopped her. A smaller frame, a female, was there. She’d gone to the door to lock it. Bara shivered at the thought of Courtney going through her things, but then there was something comfortingly familiar about the shape. Amy. She’d come back early.

Amy didn’t have a cell phone. She didn’t have the money. There was no phone on the floor either. Bara couldn’t go inside—too risky. The dim sound of crunching gravel echoed, Pillanger’s car pulling away. There was only one way. Bara came out of hiding and crept across the lawn. She grabbed a pebble and tossed it at the closed window. Amy turned her head but didn’t come to the window. Bara threw another pebble and readied herself to throw a third. Amy figured it out. She came to the window, lifted the pane, and stuck her head through.

“Bara,” she whispered into the night.

“Over here. Come down and bring a warm coat.


It was a clear, cold night. The forest smelled of moist earth and leaves. Soft soil clung to increasingly muddy soles. Bara had entered these woods, in her dream, without shoes. This time she was shod, the one blessing from being drugged, and this time she wasn’t alone. Colin and Amy were with her. The forest was eerie enough, but so far no mystical being had appeared to guide or bar the way. Colin led them down a well-worn deer path at a determined speed. Amy yawned. Bara answered in kind. They’d been walking for at least an hour. Everyone was tired.

“Colin, stop!” Bara urged.

He halted and turned around.


“I think we’re going the wrong way.”

“You said you didn’t know which way to go.”

“I know, but …”

“Then how do you know we’re going the wrong way? You said you came to a lake. If we follow a deer path, we’ll come to a source of water. Deer need to drink.”

Nothing he said came as news. They’d all agreed on a plan of action. They had no idea where to look for the maze, and so it made sense to look for the lake first.

“I know that’s what we thought …”

Amy interrupted. “It’s all we have to go on.”

“The thing is I don’t think the lake exists,” Bara admitted.

“At least not anymore. I think it existed in the past.”

Colin scoffed. “This is just getting better and better. It doesn’t exist anymore. Only in the past. So now we have to time travel too?”


“Then how in the name of Doctor Who are we going to find it?”

“Either it existed in the past or only in my dream.”

Colin threw up his hands and sat down on a log that littered the path. “In your dream? So what? We take a nap.”

Amy suddenly remembered something. “Didn’t Professor Chestermire say that there’d been a lake near Windfall once?”

Bara looked at her blankly.

“You know? Where they sunk the witches’ remains?”

“Don’t you do extra credit Math in History?” Bara asked.

Amy grinned. “I multitask. Do you remember where he said it was?”

“Yeah, north of town.”

“The town’s behind us.”

This piece of information invigorated Colin. He pulled out his phone and pushed a few buttons. The screen’s blue light gave his face an eerie glow.

“There’s a compass on my phone … it’s this way.” He jumped up and started walking.

Amy and Bara looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They were thinking the same thing. Dork! But then they followed the dork. It didn’t take them long to regret the decision.

Going north meant leaving the path and heading into thick underbrush. The canopy although thinned by fall still blocked out most of the moonlight. It was very dark. Colin cursing every time he stubbed a toe continued to lead the way. Bara brought up the rear with Amy in the middle. Bara fought to make out their shadowy forms passing through the trees. Eventually, she gave up and just followed the sound of breaking underbrush and Colin’s constant griping.

IMG_9923 (2).jpeg

They carried on this way for some time. Bara was again losing heart. Maybe trying to find the lake wasn’t the best plan after all. Up ahead, Colin and Amy continued to break through the bush. Bara would count to a hundred. If they didn’t find anything, she’d suggest they come up with another plan. One, two … ninety, ninety-one … the trees thinned. Sporadic beams of moonlight cut through the canopy above, lighting up a patchwork on the forest floor. Amy’s shadowy outline was easier to spy now. Something told Bara their luck had changed. And finally … finally, Colin had stopped complaining.

“I think we’re close to something!” she called out.

No response. The trees were even thinner now. Amy’s shadow disappeared not into darkness but light. Bara stumbled out of the trees and entered a clearing. They’d found the maze.

“We found it!” She looked around. Someone stood not far off under the shadow of a tree. Was it Colin or Amy? She couldn’t tell. The figure was certainly returning her stare. Bara could feel that. “We found it!” she repeated.

The tall shadowy outline said nothing.

“Amy?” No answer. “Colin?”

The wind picked up and there was that familiar scent of flowers. No, this being wasn’t one of her friends. Moonlight broke through the trees, lighting up the shadow seemingly from within. Long white robes and silver hair whipped in the wind. The Wisp stared at Bara for a second longer and then dissolved in nothingness. Bara remained where she was, as rooted as the trees, listening, watching for her return and hoping for a sign of her friends. The forest was soundless. The wind didn’t rustle a leaf. There were no rummaging night creatures. There was no Wisp and there was no Amy and Colin. Bara was alone.

The leaner trees bent in a gusty grasp. A cold wind weaved its way through the dark fabric of the forest and settled on her back. She moved toward the maze, propelled by the hand of nature. She made a silent wish that Colin and Amy were safe and entered the hedges.

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IMG_9923 (1).jpeg


Words and Images are my own.

At Your Service is published in Monsters, Avatars & Angels.

Monsters, Avatars & Angels and the Wisp are available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.








Your contents are always truly exquisite in their assimilations, and your images dazzle in presentation. That's why I'm one of your fans. God bless you.


What a wonderful comment to wake up to. Thank you:)


Have you ever seen the peeled hard boiled eggs at the store. I often wonder what magical enchantments they use to get them so perfectly peeled. All I can say is mine never come out so perfect...

BTW being lazy is an art.


Well first you have to get drunk:)


Wow! You (and her) solved one of the largest mysteries of the universe for me.