Bitcoin Cash Champions League Fantasy Football - Round 4 Achievements and Highlights

The UEFA Champions League 2021-2022 Fantasy League keeps entertaining the participants with drama and surprising results. It's the only competition where the participants are able to win tokens on SmartBCH and have fun with their friends! Constant updates and chats are happening on and ++!

@Kike9781 maintains a well deserved leader position, with only one point more then @TheStudent . The two are on a 1v1 race and it can only get better. I kept the 3rd place in control but @adereign is fast approaching, with 75 points in round 4. @meitanteikudo @George_Dee and @Mr_Trenzs are challenging the top of the leagues, waiting for their chance in the next rounds.

The two guest stars of the project, ++#AxieBCH++ and @CashKitten are showing that tactics and consistency are bringing results. The only $BCH gaming guild is on the 8th place, while the SmartBCH meme token is placed 9th in the table.


Round 2 brought some changes as the league was renamed AxieBCH Arena - after the sponsorship from the gaming guild. You can apply for ++AxieBCH scholarships++ and become an Axie Infinity player. This sponsorship came with a 500 $AxieBCH tokens as a prize for the top manager for each round of the group stage and 1000 $AxieBCH for the winner of the competition.

Round 3 comes with another sponsorship - 1,000,000 $KITTEN allocated to the Fantasy Football competition, all thanks to @MoreGainStrategies - Kittens Ambassador. The 2nd ranked manager in each matchday in the group stage will receive 100,000 $KITTENS. At the end of the competition, the 2nd placed manager will 400,000 $KITTENS tokens and the 3rd placed manager will receive 200,000 $KITTENS.

AxieBCH prizes:

Round 2: @Crackers

Round 3: @adereign

@CashKitten prizes:

Round 3: @Kike9781

The Round 4 winner was ++#AxieBCH++, and the prize will go to the next top ranked manager - @MastaDee who will receive 500 $AxieBCH tokens. @bmjc98 team ranked 3rd and she will reveive 100,000 $KITTEN. Please leave your SmartBCH wallet in the comments.


I am doing well and my team performed above expectations, with Lewandoski being the right choice for captain. He brought 36 points from my total of 65. Cancelo was again a top performer with 13 points. I've done some substitutions for Round 5 and I am now planning to challenge the top place!


AxieBCH team selection is amazing! With Lewandowski as a captain, Cancelo and Nkunku with 13 and 12 points, the team accumulated 93 points and the record of this season for our Fantasy Football League.


Don't forget to update your team, sub the injured players and prepare for the next round! The show must go on!



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