Qatar 2022 Football World Cup - Play2Earn Fantasy Football Group Stage 1


The 2022 Football World Cup kicked-off with Qatar v Ecuador, and the host played poorly. It's a long way until the final, and it's to early to predict the two teams that will play the final on the 18th of December. However, it is easy to predict that the Club1BCH World Cup will be the best ever Fantasy Football Tournament!


The 1st week of World Cup Football is gone, and the GOAT battle is ongoing. Qatar is the last big stage event for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the final boarding for two legendary players. Will any of them lift the world's crown?

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I don't have a favorite in the Messi v Ronaldo debate, as both are GOATs. However, CR7 is the first ever player to score in 5 different World Cups. He started in 2006 and reached the ground-braking record after converting the penalty kick against Ghana.

He still has at least 2 games and will probably reach 10 goals at the World Cup. Miroslav Klose is the WC top scorer, with 16 goals in 24 matches.

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Japan fans deserve a medal! Their team beat Germany and they cleaned up their sector before celebrating. They have a league of their own! RESPECT!

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Strange results in the first round of group stage matches, with few games that ended 0-0. England v Iran had the most goals, while Argentina produced the biggest upset. Argentina and Messi lost against the Saudi Arabia underdogs.


Club1BCH World Cup Fantasy Football

The Club1BCH Global kicked off in style and 11 managers joined the event. This competition had a 0.05 BCH entry fee and this raised the prize pool to 0.55 Bitcoin Cash. League updates will be posted via,, ++Publish0x++, ++ReadCash++ and Twitter.

This event has the biggest prize pool from all the Fantasy Football Tournaments organized until now. Feel free to drop any donations and increase both the rewards and the share for charity. bitcoincash:qpagkktzf66qrrqzns9xqrxv7ahlzr3r6y449e2uk4

The top 3 managers will share 90% of the prize, while 10% will go to charity through The Giving Block. The innovative platform will be used to complete the donation. They innovated the space since 2018, and implemented new fundraising methods in the crypto landscape.

The Konra Kingdom will sponsor the event with SmartBCH tokens and entered a team to enhance the charity donation. If the Konra team will finish in the Top 3, when the prize will go to charity.

Japi and HappyBoys took an early advantage in the competition, while I am chasing both from close distance. I am pushing my luck and used the Captain boost for Round 2.


P0x Bros Free2Play League

If you wanna play just for fun and virtual glory... PVM Entertainment and Leisure has you sort it! The P0xBros League is free to play so join and show me your skills! The World Cup virtual glory comes with $AMPL prizes and one Humble Tractors - Hey! NFT (valued at $5). You can join at any time:


The P0x Fantasy League winner will be credited $5 worth of AMPL, the runner up will win $2 and the third place will get one dollar in Ampleforth ... directly in your Publish0x account. Please make sure you join the league with an username that will match your P0x user.

Japi is the leader after the first round of matches, with me chasing him up. Carabageac94 is completing the podium and adereign on forth. Thomas and DiceCrypto earned enough points to challenge the leaders in the next round. The next round will either make the league more competitive or extend the gap.


I think I created a competitive team, and choose wisely the captain. Only Mbappe and Courtois earned more points than Harry Kane from the players I selected. Was an excellent round for my attacking trio, with them contributing with 29 points from the round's total.


The team of the round is insane! This dude made 117 points, with such an inspired selection of players. Ochoa with 18 points, Saka with 15, Rabiot and Richarlison with 11 points ... and even 34 points made by the subs. Imagine if this Fantasy Football had a Bench Boost like the Premier League!


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