NFT Football Game on Binance -- Cyball White Paper Review


Cyball is the new football-themed blockchain game that just launched on the BNB (formerly Binance) blockchain. They're supposedly working on integrating with Solana soon as well.

Looks Alright

I'm a bit skeptical of Binance games these days since I have seen a few that looked like blatant cash grabs to me... but, this game looks pretty good. At least it looks like it has some potential to be fun.

When it comes to games like this, sometimes it's worth looking closer to see if there's anything exciting beneath the surface.

Good White Paper

The documentation for Cyball is thorough and informative. There's a few good images, like a flow chart that shows off the overall ecosystem of the game.

There's also a road map that shows off the future of the game, of course they are already a month behind the roadmap since every game is always behind the roadmap apparently. Notably there are several new game modes planned to launch in phase 2 and 3.

In the video I go through the white paper and explain all the most interesting parts.