Will you like to take part in Cryptobrewmaster IEO.


Will you like to take part in Cryptobrewmaster IEO.

Cryptobrewmaster is a Beerverse game which has theme of the Beer in gamified mode where player can play this game for "Play2Earn" and understand the various steps that go on beer manufacturing process by step by step. In game currency of the game is CBM token
I am one of the earliest player of Cryptobrewmaster and playing until the requirement of KYC arose as token withdrawal is to be through Cryptex24.io Exchange.

I always loved the game for it's very nice designing and graphics and when I just login the game few days back, I was really mesmerized by the the beautiful graphic design of the game and I just started doing mission to collect ingredients.


Digging through the game Discord , I also found that Game is looking forward towards its IEO to raise funds and more details aboy the IEO ca read at the official post

I am adding the excerpts from their official post.

The total CBM issue is 100,000,000 and unchanged

Users that will obtain min 5% of total emission would become a part of a CBM DAO, and participate in the further game development directions and vote for further game updates!

A total of 90% of the 100,000,000 CBM will be sold

The first round of the sale: 20% = 20,000,000 at a price of $0.001 for 1 token.
The second round of the sale: 30% = 30,000,000 at a price of $0.002 for 1 token.
The third round of the sale: 40% = 40,000,000 at a price of $0.003 for 1 token.

If we calculate, the first 20% of ownership is costing only $20K USD .


I use to play the game using my Hive account by the use of secure login method of "Keychain" but "Hivesigner" can also be used.
But look like game has support for multiple blockchain like Velas.Polygon and Okc. There is also option of using the "Google" account to play the game.

I really delighted to login the game and wish the team that they are able to find the investors and the IEO partners.

Hope you find it interesting, please feel free to comment , reblog and upvote.

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