Splinterland's : Is it perfect time to invest in it?


Splinterland's : Is it perfect time to invest in it?

There are lot more news pouring in this crypto winter and continued downtrends on the price actually caused development of many projects to be stalled and my be in some case they are abandoned. This bear also hit the Splinterland's too . CHAOS pack supply that look earlier will be less, start looing too large and need to be burned to pave way for the next set of the cards. Team also found out that they also need to downsize their team as they also felt a punch as revenue declined and the overall holding value also reduced as market plummeted.


But I am not expecting such a rapid decline on the assets value that I currently witnessing that SPS value is now wet below 4 cents and I think it is all time low for SPS (that is confirmed by checking Coingecko also that SPS touched all time low today).


But it is not SPS only , if you see the secondary market transaction of Node License , you will be surprised more.


Node License are changing hands in from $882 to $915 in the secondary market and if I remember correctly that presale price itself was $1000, so some user are now even dumping it below presale price.
Same goes for the Lux Vega card where you can purchase one for $675 and again it is less then the price that was quoted in the presale.

So is it invest time?

It definitely look like a investing time as value are touching the record low and you can have things in your hands in less then presale price. From price perspective it really look good time to enter.

But it will be a profitable time too?

With my experience, I feel "investment" and "short term profitability" sometime do not coincide at all. We have hope that market will recover and assets will regain their value and in the end our investment will have fruits.
But on other side of spectrum, bear market keep dipping against our hope and push down the prices more at each passing days and the "short term profitability" will become somewhat very unpredictable.

I am not sure what I will do , maybe buy one more Node License?
Or just keep a wait or watch? Anyways I am out of spare money now and I guess it look great time to watch the market, spot the opportunities and invest for long run.

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Aside from the extended bear market, one of the most recent that may have push the price of the cards lower is when they downsized their team.
Anyways, I can also see that this maybe one of the best time to buy and invest in the game. I would love to stack on some of these cards on sale if only I have the current resources.