Splinterlands : Cost analysis of Chaos Legion presale perks.


Splinterlands : Cost analysis of Chaos Legion presale perks (not interested in packs).

If you look at current prices of VOUCHERS token and CHAOS token in Hive-Engine then you will see CHAOS (actual pack) is cheaper in market then the VOUCHER (token required to buy pack). In reality you need a VOUCHER + pack price payment (ranging between $3.6 to $4 depending upon tier ) to buy a pack. So theoretically CHAOS should cost atleast $3.6 more then VOUCHERS instead of other way around.


What are VOUCHERS ?

VOUCHERS are token issued in limited numbers (33333.333) daily (or 1 million distributed evenly for 30 days) based on the SPS staked by a player. These VOUCHERS are needed to buy the CHAOS pack along with the pack payment in Splinterland's site. Also only 1 pack can be purchased against 1 VOUCHER.

What are CHAOS.

CHAOS is the actual pack that will be redeemed for 5 cards in the game. Cards in the pack are random and will be disclosed when you open the pack.

Is there are any presale perks.

Yes, there are many presale perks like.

  1. Every pack purchased from game site will be eligible to be airdropped (with 2% chance) to get a limited edition promo card.Those who purchase more then 50 packs or more are guaranteed to get 1 limited edition pack per 50 packs.
  2. Those who will buy more then 1000 packs will get "The Legionnarie" title along with guaranteed 1 limited edition gold foil card.

So how much you need to pay for perks?

So to make sure that you get the "The Legionnarie" title along with guaranteed 1 limited edition gold foil card you need to buy 1000 packs. Buying pack with SPS will give 10 discount and it also give 15% bonus packs.

So let calculate the Perks costs if you buy 1000 packs.

  1. Cost of 1000 VOUCHERS = 23000 Hive (currently one VOUCHER is selling for 23 Hive)
  2. 6889 SPS (at current market price) = around 4600 Hive
  3. CHAOS pack received = 1150

Adding 1+2 = 27600 Hive = $21815 (approx)

Catch that make CHAOS cheaper the VOUCHER.

To receive airdrop one need to buy the packs from the site, no need to keep the pack for getting the airdrop , so players are selling the packs. Currently packs are getting sold for 13 Hive in Hive-Engine.

so selling 1150 packs,13 hive each will give 14950 Hive = $11816

How much you actually paid if you sold CHAOS legion packs.

If you packs got sold , your actual cost come to $10000.
and now for $10000 you will get 1 gold foil promo card, 20 limited edition promo cards + Legionnarie title.

The cost of Gold foil (by seeing Chain Golem Price) can be taken base of $4000 (but it is much dependent on actual stats of the cards)
The cost of Normal foil is $308 (by seeing Chain Golem Price) so 20 cards will cost $6000.
Since Title are not listed in market but they are valuable as they give 100K airdrop point for SPS airdrop but 100K DEC currently worth more than $1000.

**I see that player are still in profit even buying VOUCHERS at high price if they are able to sale their packs but lot more depend on actual cost of these promo cards when they hit the market.
These calculation are time/price dependent but they do see value in buying presale at current state and discount will be greater if you go for 2000 packs.

Note for New players

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, DYOR. I am avid splinterland's player and own multiple digital assets in this game.


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I probably would be selling my packs if I was getting more VOUCHER, am getting a VOUCHER every 4 days so I've bought 2 already. I will just HODL them 🙂

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Voucher price is too good too resist them to sell. You are really a true CL pack buyer.

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