🔔 End-of-season Social Media Challenge 🔔

Hello Club Managers ⚽️, as part of our Curation initiative we will be doing a Social Media Challenge every end of each season which takes 7.5 days so that means we will be doing this weekly, the initiative is to reward those who are already playing and enjoying the game and we wanted to reward you by bringing the curation trail on your doorstep and upvote your contents.



Although we like to reward you, we would also like to see more quality content in the Rabona hive community, so in that sense, we will be following a very simple guideline for the challenge which I know most of you are already doing, and we will be prouder to see more!

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📌 How to get an upvote; Guidelines 👇

1.) A very important guideline of this challenge is you should post your content in Rabona Official Community, and it should be 100% Rabona content and 100% plagiarism free.

2.) All the posts should be in line with our community curators' guidelines in finding quality content, if you missed it you can check it again on this post.

TLDR: A post should have an attractive thumbnail, correct tag usage, #RABONA as the main tag. You can use tags like #oneup or #thgaming as they allow tags from blockchain games, you can also use #sports or #sportstalk tag as we have lot of SPORTS staked to our account. 600+ words are encouraged. (Feel Free to use the thumbnail here)

3.) Share your post to at least one (1) Social Media platform outside of Hive, and tag #rabona and #play2earn on those shared posts. Feel free to tag #soccer and #football too if you like.

Example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, PublishOx, and more...

4.) Make sure your Referral link is on your post, that will benefit both you and your referral if they decide to join the game, it would make it easier for them to find the game.

5.) It would be awesome if you follow the Theme of the week, but you can still share any experience you had in the game, whether you placed first in your league or you simply beat the top 1 in your league, basically anything related to the game.

6.) You will be able to get a maximum of two (2) upvotes per week for two different posts.

7.) The deadline is before this post gets its payout after 7 days. Comment the link of your Hive post and the link of the shared post outside of Hive here. After the payout, a new challenge will be posted.

8.) Please note that an UPVOTE is not guaranteed if you have not followed all the guidelines, and the Curator has the power to downvote (plagiarism) and chose not to upvote a post if it is for the best interest of everyone.

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📢 Interested to join the Curation Trail, but don't know how?

If you are interested to join the trail and you missed the announcement you can do it by following these instructions;

  1. Go to Curation Page.

  2. Grant Rabona Posting Authority so it is able to upvote on your behalf.

  3. Configure Vote Weight and Minimum Voting Power to your liking.

  4. Click "Enable Curation" to activate the program.

Now Rabona will vote on your behalf on curated posts, given your account voting power exceeds the minimum voting power that you have set. You can always update your settings at any time, or disable the curation completely.

Important: If you revoke Posting Authority, Rabona will not be able to vote on your behalf—thus rendering the Curation Program inactive, even if you keep it enabled.

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What is Rabona?

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management play-to-earn game built on the Hive blockchain.
You can form a Soccer club and you will be able to operate it from scratch to greatness, be the head coach, general manager, manage your Clubs financial, lead your club to the top of your league and become the Champion!

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