The Women's National Team Takes Part in TC Before the First Olympic Qualification Round in Paris in 2024

For the first round of the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualification, Women's National Team head coach Rudy Eka Priyambada called 26 athletes to the Eagle Training Center (TC).

Along with TC, the 26 female athletes are also being summoned at the same time for a selection that will take place in Jakarta on Saturday (01/04/2023).

"During the selection and TC this time, I summoned a number of players for the first time. I and the coaching staff summoned these players for a reason, Rudy Eka Priyambada said in a statement on Saturday, as cited by

Prior to this, they were observed; now that they are at the national level, we will assess their performance.
He asserts that the team's power will be its mix of young and experienced players as it prepares for the Group F matches against Taiwan and the Lebanon hosts.

Actually, during the 2018 Asian Games, our national squad faced the Taiwanese team in a head-to-head match. However, the reading material for the players at the time was distinct from that for the players today, he noted.

When competing against Taiwanese and Lebanese teams who have never encountered before, there will undoubtedly be a difference. To perform at their best, players' mentalities and optimism must be kept, he said.

The Garuda Pertiwi team, as is well known, was in the same division as Taiwan and Lebanon in the
The match will be contested in Lebanon and all three are in Group F.

The top five FIFA Asian zone teams, North Korea, Japan, Australia, China, and South Korea, await the champions of each group in the second qualifying round, which takes place after the first round.

The Asian zone's initial round of Olympic qualification for the Paris 2024 Games will take place from April 3–11, 2023. The games will take place in a concentrated location.
The following is a list of 26 female players who took part in the TC as well as selection ahead of the First Round of the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification:

  1. Krisda Marharith Arobaya (GK) - Papua

  2. Laita Ro'ati Masykuroh (GK) - East Java

  3. Shesilia Putri Desrina (GK) - West Java

  4. Ade Mustikiana (DF) - DKI Jakarta

  5. Amanda Florentinae (DF) - Central Kalimantan

  6. Aulia Al Mabruroh (DF) - Lampung

  7. Diamond Asya Pertiwi (DF) - Lampung

  8. Nastasia Suci Ramadhani (DF) - North Maluku

  9. Remini Chere Rumbewas (DF) - Papua

  10. Safira Ika Putri Kartini (DF) - DKI Jakarta

  11. Feny Binsbarek (MF) - Papua

  12. Gea Yumanda (MF) - Riau Archipelago

  13. Helsya Maeisyaroh (MF) - West Java

  14. Jesella Arifia Sari (MF) - East Kalimantan

  15. Husnul Qotimah (MF) - Central Java

  16. Liza Armanita Madjar (MF) - Papua

  17. Nurhayati (MF) - North Sumatra

  18. Pani Tri Oktaviani (MF) - DKI Jakarta

  19. Reva Oktaviani (MF) - West Java

  20. Rihla Nuer Aulia (MF) - DKI Jakarta

  21. Viny Silfianus Sunaryo (MF) - DKI Jakarta

  22. Carla Bio Pattinasarany (FW) - DKI Jakarta

  23. Citra Ramadhani (FW) - East Kalimantan

  24. Claudia Alexandra Scheunemann (FW) - Banten

  25. Sheva Imut Furyzcha (FW) - DKI Jakarta

  26. Octavianti Dwi Nurmalita (FW) - D.I Yogyakarta.


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